PG response to Inner Fire equip/heal glitch

I submitted a ticket during this most recent PvP when I noticed I was still having to heal dragons that had been equipped with inner fire and taken no damage on event runs (none, zip, zilch, zero, nada, not even an itty bitty). PG responded with a mostly canned message that tells me there isn’t any PvP event rule in place that states the game should be acting otherwise when dragons are equipped with Inner Fire. Did I miss something? When was this change made? It seemed to be more a glitch to me and when searching through the forums it seems as though this has been an issue before, but now PG is actively denying any such PvP/Inner Fire rule is in place. Has anyone else experienced this lately?


From 2018 Inner fire no longer keeping dragon awake


The thing is either a bug or a feature. We have verified time and time again that inner fires can have this effect.

If it’s a bug (and at this point I can’t judge things either way anymore) then this needs to be clarified (and turned into a feature).

If it’s a feature then it’s a feature and should work.

It shouldn’t work sometimes but not all the time and it be ok as “there isn’t a specific rule”.


That was always my understanding, but now PG is suggesting in their response to my ticket that it doesn’t matter if a dragon took zero damage.

Support isn’t always correct frankly. I’m sure we can get clarity.

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Thought it’s like roulette…
Players got their own random dragons bugged…

It seems to be, if the dragon needed to heal and you heal them before doing the event run, they still have to heal afterwards. However, if you heal them from your dragon screen before you go to attack, they don’t need to heal after the attack if they take no damage.

I have also done the above and it not work. Instead, waited until they healed on their own and then it seems to work correctly again. :woman_shrugging:

That is absolutely ridiculous. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Not that some dragons don’t heal right away with IFs, but the fact that tech support response is flat out dishonest or incompetent! :thinking:
Thanks to @Tulkas and @JBradley0825 we have a proof of how lacking PG has become!
PG! Honestly, you owe the community an apology and train your tech guys. That’s not a good customer service. :smirk:

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I’ve found it’s always been hit or miss, but particularly miss this past event. Would roll Pros through untouched, leaving only the home infra, and then stack with 2 other drags. Next run, Pros would be ready to go (the only drag that may have taken some damage), but the other 2 would be healing. Personally I wouldn’t really care if there was always a cooldown, but what I would like is consistency.


I am still 90% sure it’s due to the odd rounding error PG is prone with.

Try either adding or not adding (opposite of what you previously did) a HP boost on the dragon, typically fixes the issue


This was true with jorm this event. No HP boost, would have a cd. With HP boost, would heal instantly (both with IF of course).


:nerd_face: New knowledge…

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I agree with you about inconstancy! Used to be that most birds would and some wouldn’t (mythic Sapphire Sorc. never healed for me—forgot its name), but lately, one event will affect one bird differently (Oni was in my case)
The work around was switching to another bird and try to see if it heals instantly. Once it does, it will do for the rest of the event.

Ah, sweet constancy.

(constancy != consistency tho)

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To my understanding this is all still correct. It may be outdated though, so I’ll double-check. Assuming it’s still correct, the person who experienced this issue should submit a ticket with the exact date / time of the attack, who they attacked, and which dragon(s) they used.


I appreciate your looking into this, @PGJared. As for the submitting a ticket, it’s a bit late for that. I submitted a ticket at the time I noticed the issue occurring and I was given the response that there was no issue and the game was functioning as intended. There isn’t anything more I can do at this point as a player beyond bringing it to the attention of the community here.

We’ve been reporting this for every PvP event since the dawn of time.

If you get a “nice” support agent, they say sorry and give you 10 heal pots.

If you get one like the OP did, they tell you it isn’t in the event rules, because the support agents don’t know how spells/Inner Fires are supposed to work.

If I submitted a ticket every time an Inner Fire didn’t give a 0 heal time when it was supposed to, I’d spend more time entering tickets and laughing at the varying responses than I would playing the game.

Isn’t fixing Inner Fires on the Bugs List to fix? Pretty sure @mechengg has already hit on the cause of them not working in his many posts on the issue…


I thought they just didn’t like Hau as he always needs a heal for me. The rounding error makes sense.

Every time I used axi this last event it had to heal. My other dragons would not have a heal time all with inner fires equipped

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