PG -- Return the Farmer Regen Rate back to 7200/HR + Other Fixes



I’m not sure we’re playing the same game.

Atlas elite, in my opinion (emphasis added to, you know, emphasize), makes Atlas playable - even in its current form. Farming the amount of gold necessary to upgrade primarchs and train troops without the Elite bonus would make the game unbearable for me. That’s why I did absolutely nothing in Atlas for the first two months I had it. It was only once Elite became available that I started building, and my corresponding attack power in the normal game has nearly doubled as a result. Why? Because I can craft legendary gear and earn Atlas Elite gear, and level that gear up.

Disclaimer: I believe that it was immoral for PG to nerf the product without reducing the cost; I’m absolutely not arguing that. But I’ve personally made the decision that I’m willing to spend the money for Atlas Elite in its current form, despite acknowledging that PG finance are a bunch of soulless devils.

It’s like some people believe that Walmart and Amazon are evil companies, but still continue their patronage because, you know…cheap and convenient.


I’m not saying it doesn’t make a difference to Atlas, I’m saying it’s a nice to have but not essential for me- I will just play the main game only, as I did for over a year before I got Atlas. For me Atlas elite is like the entry fee to play atlas but it isn’t needed to play war dragons itself.

I object to the nerf with the costs staying the same so I won’t pay for it. I can live without elite gear, normal atlas gear is enough of a difference and that I get for free lol. I’ll still keep getting stronger in the game and that’s because I will be continuing to develop my base and breeding. Which is boosted by normal elite and is why I find it more valuable to the actual game rather than a bolt on.


I just came here to say I agree, and please return the farmer regen rate!


Yeah Doc gets it… Gold, Shards, Crafting, the massive boost from crafted Legend gear – I don’t need to go on. If one doesn’t see all these benefits as magnitudes superior to reg. game Elite they are not playing the same game as I am either.

BTW – I’m still waiting for:

  1. PG – Please change the Farmer Regen. Rate back to 7200/Hr.
  2. Bring back the Bonus Meter. The one extra Wildfire hit after 20-25 hits pales in comparison to the bonus meter. I think we have all seen that removing the bonus meter is “less beneficial” to the vast majority of the playing community.
  3. Allow Runes to be swapped/changed at the same Ruby rate that we can swap out Gear on Riders. Again, there’s no downside to this and would increase REV’s to PG and the players would LOVE this change.
  4. Bring back Runic Chests. WooHoooo, we got 1 Down. Just 4 of these requests to go.
  5. And last but not least Increase the Rubies in $100 Packs. 35K is way too low. An increase to 50K should be the bare minimum. I think 65-75K would be a much more appropriate “value” per $100.

But so far… I guess 1 out of 5 ain’t bad.


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