PG’s change of heart?

So, lately while PG has certainly made some blunders here and there. There has been a lot of positive changes from them since spring season started. With the sigil price increase they decided to (listen to the player base to a degree and…) double some prizes, added the howitzer line with good prizes (unknown for summer season as far as prizes), mystery branch, danav boost (some negatives there but overall a positive change), a branch to spend your spare sigil on the final week, the way the next season information has been released, and most of all adding a 3rd discount dragon. The latter of which is huge.

So has pg had a change of heart, was there a recent hire who has changed things, so far, for the better or did the person who influenced these decisions have an epiphany?

Or is it all because Danav wanted socks? (I.e. the great communication from player base to the powers that be done by none other than @PGGalileo?)

I know not everything is fixed but I feel these changes are a positive direction for the game and should be discussed more and highlighted. Because aside from a few big changes in past seasons (to include main game changes), this has been the most productive 3 months I’ve seen in this game in years.

Perhaps highlight and discuss a few more small and big changes that could realistically happen. IMO bugs in the software can be the most frustrating.


Im always waiting for the slap from the other hand


Oh yea I actually meant to say something like this too :rofl:

Ya I agree, I was on my way out in this game. I’ve been getting busier at work and had less time to play and had no need to spend anymore and all these positive changes has me thinking about sticking around longer.

My favorite change so far has been the limited time branches with the 2 x 100% XP runes, for me this will save tons of time leveling up dragons in an otherwise useless mind numbing experience. I litterally had to quit playing the game because my thumb developed tendonitis leveling up Faf’Nyr and needed steriod injections.

Hopefully we keep getting more limited time branches with highly useable prizes for a good value.

**** PLEASE GIVE US DUST in next limited time branch!!!


2 discounted dragon branches can help with that


I don’t want legendary dragons… even discounted :smirk:

I suppose I could get them both up to a certain amount and get the first dust prize and the next key prize and quit after that.

They can sit there in your den and look pretty as you only take them out during temple raid/assault. I dont even think about there being dragons in those lines anymore. It’s the cheap rss line :heart_eyes:

Basically a 35.5k line with 238 gold chests, 780 12hrs, 34.9k embers, 208 mythic frags, 14.4m rune dust, some runes, several portraits and 12 keys

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Ya I guess so, let’s see what kind of runes they have. Maybe I’ll complete them.

I’m definitely happy about the discount dragons…I felt like crap this season not getting a shiny toy to play with until the end of the season (Naja), I’ve been really needing another divine dragon. Got that with Naja, now I need dragons for other tiers (assault/temple) And for speedy gustav runs

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I’m actually almost (just almost) hoping the rider isn’t good so I can get both discounted dragons :rofl: and the howi line


Ya the howie line is a must have no matter what because of everything else in the branch.


Yep, it’s hard now to find the time to go for potentially good riders when there are so many other lines that are almost mandatory

I think my plan will be
BB and Sorcerer in the first week, 100% mission boost in the 2nd week, then save up for the discounted warrior and hopefully have a mythic by week 6, then put everything else into the Howitzer line and whatever surprise lines we might get and see what’s left at the end to go for

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I think if they throw a great rider into the mix as well I might end up with two mythics :see_no_evil:

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If I use all my RSS in the first 2 weeks (rubies, GC, BC and to include new GC and rubies earned) I will be roughly 3 to 5k sigil short of getting both discounts

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Lol if only I could :rofl:

That’s what I was thinking… first time for everything :slight_smile:

This is likely a primary reason for PG offering the discount…incentive for those who can but haven’t, to push for a second mythic. Or at least seeing if this change proves to do that.

I’d say getting ppl to use sigils on mystery lines then bring out second discount might have something to do with it too :slight_smile:

Except season cost has been increased. Again. And unless there’s some big announcement about how sigil earning will be increased, we’re still screwed.

Yes, some of the recent changes have been wonderful. But let’s also not ignore the bad stuff either.