PG’s great help

PG’s great support. Here are two pics, one a reply from me to PG and then PG’s reply to my reply.

Redacted my last post as I had to re read your message. If I were you I’d ask for the ticket to be escalated.

Sorry, but lol. That’s good stuff

Just ask them to escalate it. They often send mass support ticket answers like this.


Love how they blatantly ignore the issue. I swear they pick and choose which tickets to actually read and seriously address before replying with their copy/paste bull****. Maybe that’s just me being hopeful that people really can’t be that stupid (especially people who are supposed to be helpful). :woman_facepalming:t2:

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My points n others don’t match either

is it possible it was meant to be a response to one of the 6 other messages, or an earlier one on the same thread?

This was a reply to them requesting my reply to give them more information.

I think it’s about just finding the issue they want to deal with or that everyone is having. If you have a different issue, not the same as everyone else, you get the copy and paste auto reply BS!

They could be ignoring the blatant sarcasm or rudeness you include in the message. That’s what I would do. Why would I wanna help someone who has being rude? And if I had to, which we all have, I smile the devils smile and ignore the snarky/ill-mannered things they have to say and focus on what I can help with.

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Regardless as a customer service representative you’re supposed to deal with that it’s what you’re being PAID for. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Lolz how much would you need to be paid to be disrespected?

Customer service, the customer is always right and he’s upset, he pays for the service and should be taken care of. It’s not his first message to support and he wasn’t nasty at all, rude maybe a little but people have treated support way worse than that. What upsets me more is your response which highlights the issue we have with large businesses today.


I understand I came across with scarcasm, but as I also pointed out, they knew about the issue, acknowledged the issue and decided to give me nothing close to what I should have gotten. I pay money and “support the hard working people who made this game” and as I follow the rules of the game I should have the basic needs taken care of. I got the double egg mission reward and I pay to have an elite account. So why wouldn’t you make sure the issue is taken care of and fixed.

I apologize if I insinuated that you shouldn’t recieve what you earned. That is not the case at all.
I’m simply stating that responding in a frustrated or negative way is counter-intuitive. They are people and they have feelings too.

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There are many more issues at large that are more important. And it comes off as though you haven’t worked in customer service. And if you have, congratulations for being the most patient and helpful person on the entire world. This quality will land you any job in customer service.
If you haven’t, I suggest learning empathy. They are people.

Something that will land you almost anything you need help with, kindness.

PG doesn’t have feelings. Soulless people are devoid of all emotion.


Oh for crying out loud! We don’t want to hurt the snowflakes! Really, next time PG doesn’t compensate you accordingly, make sure you’re as sweet as can be when telling them how unsatisfied you are with their slap in the face and failure to fix your problem. After all, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. :roll_eyes::joy:

Also, anyone who works in customer service and picks and chooses who and how they’re going to help them based on their attitude, needs fired. If you can’t treat all customers alike, then you need to work in a hole in the ground away from the public. The key in customer service when it comes to an unhappy customer is to find out how you can rectify the situation and make them happy again, not do as little as possible to make them go away. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t2:


You didn’t insult me. This was not the first, second, third, forth or fifth ticket or reply I sent to them. My first ticket had no sarcasm in it. It pointed out what the issue was and requested help to solve it. After getting replied that only addressed one issue out of multiple problems, I did ask them to also address the other problems I pointed out. Then I got this reply back. If you’ve ever watch a dog with no tail chase their tail, you’ll understand why and how it get frustrating. Going around and around in circles never solves a problem. Only pisses off the person going around and around. Or better yet, use a laser light with a cat and think how happy the cat is once it thinks it finally got the light. Only to find out, nope! Try again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

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That does sound frustrating. I hope it all works out for you.