Pg’s irresponsible attitude

Pg’s irresponsible attitude

I’m an old user who’s been playing this game for a long time.

One day suddenly my account was initialized.

I need to prepare for the breeding event right now, but Ruby and Token are all gone

I couldn’t do the Bridging Event after all.

I asked for help, but the man in charge’s playful attitude made me even angrier.

He checked my account and said there was no problem and seemed to mock the customer with “Oh, my God!”

I explained it slowly again and in the meantime I couldn’t play games and the time went on.

I have surt but How can I only have a habinger(yal) And the level is 380. How can three dragon slots be closed?

And I couldn’t even participate in the Breeding Event. How can I only have 11000 tokens? Even if I get it from the guild, I have to have at least 18000 tokens.

After the event, the person in charge admitted to his wrongdoing and said the account can be returned to before April 3 after checking it again.

And what about the reward I’ve received in the past years? rubi,token,atlas Update Delay Compensation(12hour 100)team event sigil and then Compensation for not participating in the breeding event

The person in charge said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t help it.” He asked you to contact the development team directly.

Is this my fault? It’s PGyour fault!!!

I think I should be fully rewarded.

Why should I be harmed by your server error?I really don’t want to play games.

Don’t try to solve problems like this with other customers. Shitldds




Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues in-game. Feel free to send a private message to @Arelyna or @DragonPunch so they can review your Support Ticket. There isn’t much we can do here on the Forums for a resolution, so these two will be the best to get in touch with. :slight_smile:

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