PG’s Priorities

Recently, there has been a ton of new content being developed and released.

We got the Howi’s not that long ago, the fairly enormous Atlas changes that are to be released soon, the change of seasonal brnach structure, and changes to event.

This is all great, it’s just that…well nothing’s working. The giant changes to Atlas haven’t been released yet, but Atlas isn’t even working for a lot of people. There’s a lot of serious glitches in Atlas right now, and pg’s #1 concern is massively changing it? Atlas has been mostly the same mechanics-wise for a long time, but it’s managed to mess up big time.

A lot of events have screwed up recently, there was that whole deal with KW lagging so bad the event was canceled, only to be replaced by FP with incorrect prizing that had to be canceled and relaunched.

Or a couple weeks back with Temple Raid in which like half the player base couldn’t get runs to count for anything.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a new tower being released soon! Another one.

I love new content. It’s necessary for a game to keep its players. However, making the game function correctly should without a doubt be the absolute first priority. Failing that loses players much faster.

Just my 2 cents,

Edit: I love this game. I’ve played it for 5 years and I’m convinced that it’s the best mobile game out there. There’s no other mobile game with this kind of community, no other game with the same companionship on teams, and no other game that requires the same kind of skill as flying a hunter. Not to mention politics in Atlas. If there was a “politics” category for games in the App Store, this would get #1. I don’t want to see the game go down.


idk. maybe their numbers disagree with that statement.

that’s the only explanation for their weird prioritizing.

we can’t exactly get our hands on that to prove our point, so… :man_shrugging:t2:

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PG’s only priority is MONEY


You must launch new stuff to engage players, or it will get plainly boring. What was requested by player base was just for those novelties to not disrupt balance, which they did in some occasions.

These new ideas were had most probably before all these problems happened. They just stuck to their agenda which is IMO reasonable.

On the other hand I think one priority should be hire a few programmers so they can better handle everything, aka problems like we had in some events. But this is ofc basen on assumptions


100% agree.

so they are very dumb. Money comes from satisfied customers.

I’ve been documenting the dumpster fires here: PG Dumpster Fire

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If thats there main focus they didnt saw there last quarter of revenue yet. Cause a lot stoped spending, even elite everthing.

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I dont even play anymore, its awesome having money for stuff that actually works.

I don’t know what’s going on. It feels like way too much content way too fast. Remember the movie where the people were in the bus and if the bus slowed down too much it would explode and everyone would die? That’s what this game feels like lately.

I they would just stop and take a breather. This new content could be implemented better when everyone is back in the office.


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Thats exactly the point. On what pattern does Pg think bringing all latest stuff is positive? From players i know my team etc its a 0% positive only 100% negative. It feels like they going to try kill the game same as Machine Zone did before with GOW.


Hunter hunter hunter meh


How and why are the questions I ask about a class being virtually superior to the others. With the special runes and emphasis on its viability some players cannot gain the necessary timing and control due to physical inabilities. I only mean to say that all classes should be given equal abilities to be quote, viable dragons. But hey who am I to say right?


What does that have to do with the original post.?

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you have a point, but…

missing a hand? :thinking:

Fair points!!

I should ask GOWRefugees if they think the same is about to happen.

You mean the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves? Lol