Pg saying that they don’t have the ability to swap it yet they do (one ss is mine, the other a friends)

So which one is it?

You don’t have the tool to do it, or you do…


@PGJared tagging Jared as I think Zendesk falls under his domain.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

They do but cant authorize it pg has to as u read 1 time courtesy

Yeah but if you read my reply I got, he says they don’t have the tools to even do it?


That one always denis everything and gives Alot of false info like us players dont talk! Im sure hes just saying so he dont get pestered :laughing: if u send that screen of ur friends he will do it but the top is right 1 time when i get him i ask to be esculated

Playing Zendesk lottery until you get a more compliant representative is unproductive for the players, Zendesk, and PG. There should be one consistent experience for every single player which is why I brought it to the attention of Jared. Hopefully a policy is articulated and deployed on a completely consistent basis soon.


I sent a message saying I have proof they can do it so they just sent an automated response again​:woman_shrugging::joy:

So, the agent is correct that we don’t have a way to swap out a node. Our one and only tool for that is significantly more broad. It’s not node-by-node, but a whole branch at a time. If we want to impact things on the node level, we need to get an engineer to do it. Looking at the logs for the player who was credited, it looks like the agent just directly gave them the stuff from the node(s); they didn’t swap anything out.

So, short version: We don’t have a tool to swap out nodes but there are workaround which aren’t technically part of our policy.


So, are all “1 time courtesy” fall to this case?

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Basically yes. “One time courtesy” means “it’s against the rules but we’re gonna do it this once to be nice”. Agents have the discretion to break the rules if they feel it’s warranted. That’s because no rule is truly fair, and humans have to measure human situations.


To add a little bit of friendly advice to PGJared’s explanation, being extra polite and respectful in your ticket will get you further than venting your frustration. More often than not you’ll notice that the support member will be willing to go the extra mile if you treat them as human beings.

As a rule of thumb:

  • Greetings
  • Calm and concise explanation of your issue with relevant informations and what action you would like the support to make, if need be
  • A complimentary closing
  • A relevant screenshot

These will do better for your cause than complaining with excessive levels of frustration. They can understand players may be a bit upset with their issue, particularly if it involves lots of resources, but abuse is never an excuse.

About the issue at hand, despite being very wary and warning people about it, I got myself caught by the switching prices too, so I recommend lifting your finger every time before you claim a reward and triple check the screen before claiming anything. Or better set your device down and put your hands behind your back checking the screen (whatever it takes lol). Slow but necessary precaution (once bitten, twice shy). I usually did this for every big changes/claim, like rider trees.

Also let PGJared go to sleep lol


Obviously your friend is a more valued player than you. We see this all the time with rune removal tickets. If you’d like a better response to your ticket, please consider buying some packs.

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I like to send cat pictures when they answer my questions and stuff works.


I’m sure the intention is appreciated :sweat_smile::joy:

You stole my motifs??..

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Been doing that for like… 4 years now lol.


That is not the basis for consideration of rune removal tickets. I’m sure some agents probably worry about pissing off players who spend, but it’s part of the directive to be unbiased with players regardless of spend. I’m perfectly happy saying no to people regardless of their investment.

That might just work…

You know I never sleep. It’s 3:30am on a sunday and I’m reading the forum…


I can’t blame you… I’m the same in general, just 9 hours earlier than you :laughing: but that’s not a reason for bugging you at that hour :eyes:


But mine wasn’t a rune removal? I’d claimed the wrong prize out of the three