PG Seriously? Am I Dreaming or It's Real!

Hey @PGGalileo ,

Am I dreaming! or It’s real?
Game started hating me from today morning
Here’s the ss, it’s saying " connection timed out."

@moderators are support IDs supposed to be confidential :eyes:


I’m not going send a support ticket again!

The steps will be 100% same, but no use of them!

Most likely a network issue. Is it the same on WiFi? Try switching between WiFi and cellular data… toggle airplane mode…


No use berooo :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Try following these steps and see if it helps out - it’s fixed the issue for me in the past when I had it, as well as for other people when I shared that with them

If you’re having trouble following instructions on your given operating system, I did also outline the steps a few posts down on the same topic here


I have similar issue, and PG is working on that. Only way i could play is using mobile data but not wifi.

If that’s the case, then it is not a PG issue, it is an issue with your ISP.


Can you brief what you meant by issue with ISP ? Do you mean “war dragon game” is limited by my ISP ?

Basically yeah - have you tried following the steps I posted above?

Yes @FieryxFury , I tried the steps from your postings. Changing DNS, using VPN.

There’s no need to use a VPN - I’ve never done that, so can’t vouch for it working that way