PG should make these spells Available Again

Supercharged Lighting
Shield of Annihilation
Super Heal
Multi Death Gaze
Super Freeze
Super Thunderstorm

Earn um buy them or put them in team achievements

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No. Omg no. These things are so crazy crazy Op.

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I’m sure PG can tweak them like they do everything else, just would be nice to have available in my opinion

Oh wait. Aren’t they the same as existing spells?

edit. Add notes

No huge difference

Super freeze and multideathgaze could be devastating if brought back

They are legacy consumables, you can forge the nerfed versions already.

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Quite frankly I don’t want to see Destar with supercharged lightning. Regular chain lightning is enough :rofl:


And I don’t want to see Destar flying through my base :sweat_smile:


I don’t want to see them back in a nerfed format. I still have some of the original super thunderstorms so if they nerf them now, I won’t be happy.

Super Thunderstorms will never come back. Those were the original consumable before they realized what an unbalanced mess it was. They let us keep those and said they wouldn’t drop them ever again.


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