PG Staff Account (?)

Hey all, just a small concern about an (assumed) Pocket Gems account in game.

Multiple PG employees in the past have had accounts, both anonymously-ish (PGMatt), and publicly (PGGalileo etc)

I think it is amazing that PG employees engage with and interact with the community, I don’t even care that they have accounts with unlimited resources. But I don’t believe that this should interfere with gameplay of others.

I encountered a very high level account with very… very few all-time medals a few months ago (red flag), and me being a curious monopoly went hunting! I found that this account belongs to a member of the PG art team, cool, no issue. Butttt this season, this player has made it VERY high up on the season leaderboard, very early.

I could be completely wrong, but I don’t think it is even possible to be a level 698, 20 million medals, have atlas riders and gear while simultaneously only have 2k lifetime kills… idk.

It just makes me think of that one player that may have worked VERY hard, and they placed 101, or 26, or 1001, and their next achievement could be offset by an employee with unlimited resources…

I guess my question is, is this intended? Is this allowed? Am i making a problem out of nothing?

@PGJared @DragonPunch


PG employees usually get removed from leaderboards if they show up there.


Gotcha, good :joy: guess that solves this, you can close :kissing_closed_eyes:

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