Pg steals gold so be careful

Pg stole almost 3 million gold by refusing to properly credit a transfer between my bank and storage hut. Despite being sent 4 screen shots they continue to refuse the credit with excuses about time differences and please send yet another screen shot. At this point it seems clear to me this is deliberate and intentional malfeasance so be wary!

Honestly, you’ll get a lot farther If you ask for help in resolving your ticket rather than blaming. Ask in the ticket for it to be escalated if you are not satisfied with the current result.


Really? A dozen e mails, over three days, with 4 screen shots, showing the theft of almost 3 million gold with nothing but bs responses ignoring the facts, and I’m supposed to be nice and not complain about incompetence and malfeasance? Thanks, but not interested in sainthood, or sucking up to pg, just in for once having them correct a mistake.

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I had an issue with event rewards first tier of support tried to help but provided the wrong answer after a couple polite exchanges. I elevated it and the next tier provided the correct answer the first try and corrected the wrong information.

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If this was posted around St. Patrick’s Day we’d all be laughing our asses off.

Have you checked if theres an enemy primarch at your castle? If so, then all transfers are delayed and will be sent after the enemy primarch is killed.

Were you also attacked during this time at all? You get a BOATLOAD of gold stolen in attacks so if you were hit in normal game during this time someone may have made away with all of your gold.

Nope wasn’t attacked

(Red removes private info)

Nope wasn’t an enemy primacy there

(Red removed personal info)

should edit your email thingy.

It is showing your private information

Also, check if they responded back to you.

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I think he’s providing an addesss for where he wants PG to send the gold :thinking:



so they are going to send the gold via promo code and takes 5-7 business days to arrive.

Seriously though, they do this and it’s really annoying. Their transfers don’t go through properly and then they refuse to credit.

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Holy crap dude, don’t respond from your email, it’s showing us all your address info.

Is there a friendly @moderators that can edit his posts?

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Have you looked at your storage to see if you could hold the amount that was sent to you?

Your Atlas property tax was past due, so was forcibly seized.

What level is your storage, and how much did you try to send?
Caps are available here:
(forum ref)

Storage is not a problem for a lvl > 500 :joy:

How are we supposed to know his/her lvl?
I’m not going in game and sending a message