PG Support needed

Hello, anyone know who I can tag for real support? I know most the staff are on break but I’m in need of someone that can actually help me with my in-game situation.

I already created a ticket, but the support I’m getting are a bunch of bots who ask the same thing after I explained everything and provided most of the things I’m able to.

I need someone that can speed my issue and get it resolved with a better understanding.

My ticket number is [#2264814] so if any PG managers available I would appreciate it a lot to check it out!

Thanks in advance!


What’s the issue?

The first response from support is usually a bot, normally it helps to say “this doesn’t resolve my concern” or “please escalate this ticket” so you get an actual person. Never give multiple replies when waiting for a response though since this will move you back in the que.

Aside from that PgGalileo can normally help if you PM him a ticket number. He and the rest of the team should be back on the 5th, but I’d still expect a longer than normal turn-around time since they’ll probably have a lot of catching up to do (week 6 release coming up, the poll they had us respond to, and probably a ton of other people with tickets they also want answers to).

In the meantime I’d suggest explaining your issue here in the forums, you might get lucky and hear back from someone that’s had a similar issue that can help. Good luck!


That’s how clever bots can be unless it’s an alarm, assigned prims too a castle bot., but when it comes too support bots I think they almost never solve the problem is because PG didn’t advance its programming too make it seem smart and want too help you vs the Zendesk in itself. We could need a few better people in Zendesk but I tend too suck it up and be rather annoyed when a bot comes in with a simple auto answer and demand a real response.

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Request for AnD to give support some decent bots

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Sorry…we only have killbots, kreefeeblebots, trapbots and lagbots.


:joy::joy::joy: Atlas lag is a no but server bots yes :rofl::rofl::rofl: for free connection with your internet