PG support That can Read

Can we get support staff that can read english ?
and follow a ticket history
Seriously ive explain in the ticket what was wrong and to get that reply was kind of insulting

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Get the leader to toggle the edit settings, unless you’re the leader, and it won’t let you.

@Arelyna training item, I guess


lol first
if i wasnt the leader how can u open a wiki page u cant view ?
You cant delete it if u cant open it to view lol
u cant view it so u cant edit it

secondly i made the page so im the owner
so i dont have to be leader
third im the leader

as i said u cant delete a page u cant view and we cant view the page

Scrap team and make a new one


that is probably the next option i think

Please submit your ticket # so it can be viewed by an employee of PG.

Mistakes can happen, the support is a third party and its members are also human. I understand your frustration when you receive a reply not matching your request but please stay civil. That’s the best way to get your issue resolved, as a support member would be more willing to go the extra mile to help you out if you are nice to them (I learned it through experience).

I imagine the support like a filter, with keywords as a grid to catch tickets. At first there’s a huge quantity of tickets, too much to handle for real people so they have a program that send mass replies to tickets matching keywords. Simply reply to these automated mass replies send your ticket back into the filter. And so on. Your next answer should be better.
Note that after the first mass reply you shouldn’t get any other mass reply, unless they forgot to mark your ticket to prevent it.

Also, a kind reminder, we are trying to help you here. There’s no need to antagonize anyone here and we don’t have all information about your issue.

Anyway I hope your issue will be solved shortly. I don’t think it warrants creating a new team just to fix a wiki, unless you’re confident your teammates will follow you and you’re still in very low tier leagues (bronze or silver).

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Hi mate i understand ur reply

reason i wa sannoyed is
it wasnt the first response
it wasnt the second response
hell it wasnt even the third response

it was the fourth after it had already been raised to devs

anyway its being dealt with hopefully they can sort it out shortly

I had the same problem with no delete or edit button at the bottom of the page. It took a few days and people to find out it’s a know bug

Sorry mate, I think you should submit the ticket # here so it can be reviewed by an employee from PG (Arelyna or Crisis).

Just in case it hasn’t been done (because it can be worth doing several times to solve a seemingly impossible bug) have you tried clearing your cache or uninstalling and reinstalling (Android)/uninstalling and reinstalling (iOS) to see if you got access to the problematic wiki page? Sometimes it’s just the cache playing tricks on us and wiping it can make things run smoother and solve common bugs.

I know you must certainly have seen it a lot, but it’s usually the best way to solve things in this game unless there’s something really broken in the code, and since most team wikis are fine (as far as I know) it might be just a little glitch with your wiki.

Anyway good day to you and good luck!

That doesn’t work. They had me do it. I have the same problem as he has

Android or iOS? Android, it botches the UI from when I last used it on that.

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