Pg synching error

Hello pg, i was so disppointed on what happened. Couple of hours ago i mailed u guys because i encountered this “war dragons are trying to synch the game”
That is exactly what appeared in my screen while i decicded to ipen and get aibrean line on which i have 1925pcs of sigils, plus my 17 pcs of gold chest and my 74pcs of silver chest.
I was already on the second page and hitting the third items in line first line WHEN I encountered this WAR DRAGONS ARE TRYING TO SYNCH THE GAME ETCCCC" and after loading the game and i opened the aibrean line shock it put me on the very start oh his page from the very 1925 sigils was consumed, also my 17 gold chest and so is my 74pcs of silver chest that i also opened during the time i opened my 17 gold chest. I mailed you guys but up to now now response… nothing as in none…

Now please tell me how can i get those materials that i saved that your system got.

Put a ticket in to support in game :+1:

Yep, you need to put in a ticket and DONT keep replying to it. They will get to it.

Your sync error usually occurs when claiming prizes too quickly. It has happened to me on quite a few occasions. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll claim 2 at a time, back out of the event screen, wait 10 seconds, then go back, claim 2 more, etc etc

PG can go back into your account and see what you claimed before the sync error so its an easy fix for them. Just be VERY patient while they work your ticket.

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Will do thank you…

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