Pg taking prizes away and not replacing sigils from chests

Has anyone else experienced this ? From the start of this event I e spent close 30,0”” rubies on super sigils chests and when I logged back on they took my key and about 3000 sigil prizes away from me I wrote a ticket they said that if I restart my game that my items will be back they that did t happen I put I. Another ticket and have gotten no response. I am feeling disappointed discouraged and disgusted how they have responded. They always act like it’s your fault that you did t screen shot everything you do In the event and no matter what it never their fault it your fault. I think get me wrong I love the game but loosing 30,000 rubies and prizes that you need when you’re just a couple of keys away from your mythical dragon makes me sick!

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Nope this hasn’t happened to me. PM @PGGalileo your ticket number.

Also, this is probably very unlikely, but did you spend the 3000 sigils and then forgot about that and that’s why they’re gone?

Yes I spent them on the prize line but it rolled back and they said they see the roll back actually here is the exact Hello there Perpsr. I’m Rapha from the War Dragons Support Team.

Thank you for reaching out to us, Dragon Lord, let me help you today.

After checking what you said and your account, I can confirm you had a rollback with the Prizes you claimed in the Seasonal Branch. Please note whenever a rollback happens, all resources earned and used will be put back to where it came. Basically it just means the game reverted back to an old save state where it was able to save the game. That’s why your progress in one of the Seasonal Branches were reverted back and all rewards you claimed were gone from your account. Rest assured nothing is lost since all items you used were put back.

I hope that helps, Dragon Lord. Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

So, you should’ve gotten your RSS back

What support reported is typically what does happen. I have on occasion had stuff roll back on the prizes collected but not rolled back on the items spent to get those prizes, however I can count those instances on one hand.

One instance I had in game notices popping up based on when I originally completed a task even though it rolled back which was weird, part of the game recognized the roll back, while another part was functioning pre-roll back. But that only happened once.

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Okay, send your ticket number to Galileo.

TAKE SCREEN SHOTS … ALWAYS … especially if you’re going to do anything such as spend 30,000 Rubies or open stacked up or saved Chests … does it help when dealing with Support? Not in the least… not in my experience! But aside from live packet grabbing on the fly to disassemble it’s the best argument you’ve got… remember most Online Support is typically farmed out so the best you can hope for, aside from Live Support, is to argue to have your Tickets Elevated and passed on higher up the food chain!

Ty gilbcreat