PG -- They make money even if you spend nothing


PG doesn’t care if you spend or not.

Even playing the game makes PG money (i.e., the payers alone do not support PG):

• AdColony –
• Moby Supersonicads –
• Facebook – even if you do not link to a FB account, the game still talks to FB.
• InMobi –
• Vungle –

Edit Found another:

  • – for some reason, they are using a site in Iceland. Notice the data they “may” collect and how they “might” use it.

And these are just the ones I have identified so far. There may be others.

I hope you all see what is happening here. And good luck blocking any of this. If you try to disable any of it, the game will complain it doesn’t have the permissions it needs. Funny, the only permission listed in the store is to access data, which I assume it must need to download and update files that are not stored in the game itself.

Remember, if it’s free, you’re the product, not the customer. It’s true for Google and FaceBook and all the others. It’s true here too.

If you’re cool with being spied on, I guess that’s your decision. I’d like a little more transparency.

Maybe that’s just me.


“They make money even if you spend nothing”

I mean, good for them. Am I supposed to be outraged that they can make money and keep the game going without me having to pay larger costs myself? Er…not really, sorry.

I’d be more curious what large scale mobile games out there don’t have all these very same things.

If this is so offensive to you, I mean I guess uninstall the game.

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A lot of free to play games on mobile do this and also websites.

Some would force you to see it every 2-3 battles or “view this ad for 30 seconds and get free energy!”

Bloatware pre-load :see_no_evil:

It is in the Privacy Policy:

Third Party Tools/Analytics
The Service may also contain third party tracking tools from third party service providers, which may enable these third parties to analyze our users’ information. These third parties may have access to your personal information in connection with the performance of services for Pocket Gems.
You may see our games advertised in other applications or websites. After clicking on one of these advertisements and installing our game, you will become a user of the Service. A device identifier and in-game or user session activity may be shared with the advertiser.
We may use a third-party ad tracking service, MobileAppTracking, for tracking installs resulting from advertisements on other applications or sites. Please visit to see what type of information MobileAppTracking is collecting and using. You may opt out of such tracking by visiting If you choose to opt out by visiting such web address, that action is specific to the tracking for such third party ad tracking.
You may see an “offer wall” displayed in our games that is hosted by an offer wall provider. The offer wall enables advertisers to provide virtual currency to you in exchange for interacting with an advertisement or for completing a marketing offer with one of those advertisers. The offer wall providers may collect information about you, including a device identifier, device type, device brand, device model, OS type/version, network type, device language, device locale, and IP address. In addition, the offer wall provider may collect information related to the performance of the advertisements such as how many times an advertisement is shown, how long an advertisement is viewed, and any click-throughs of an advertisement.
In addition, Pocket Gems may have advertisements in its games regarding other applications or services that are served by third parties. These third parties may collect and use information about you, including platform, application and OS version, device identifiers, Media Access Control (MAC) address, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), Service user session activity, device usage information and general location information, such as locale (specific location where a given language is spoken), mobile network code/mobile country code, and time zone, to show advertising of interest to you. For example, Facebook serves advertising in certain of our applications and may target such advertisements based on information Facebook has collected from you. You can opt-out of such targeted advertisements by using Apple’s “Limit Ad Tracking” setting described here. You can opt-out of interest based ads served by InMobi by downloading and using the Truste Ad Privacy Manager mobile application. Certain video ads are displayed in our games that are served by partners such as Ad Colony, Flurry, Applovin and Vungle and which may target users based on certain information that such third party has obtained regarding users. You can opt out of Ad Colony targeted advertising by visiting, opt out of Flurry targeted advertising by visiting, opt out of Applovin targeted advertising by following the instructions at, and opt out of Vungle targeted advertising by following the instructions available here Such third parties serving advertisements may also collect information related to the performance of the advertisements such as how many times an advertisement is shown, how long an advertisement is viewed, and any click-throughs of an advertisement.
Changing or Deleting Your Information
You may contact us regarding any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy by emailing us at If you completely delete all of your information, your account may become deactivated. You may opt-out of receiving promotional emails from us by following the instructions in those emails. If you opt-out, we may still send you non-promotional emails, such as emails about your accounts or our ongoing business relations.
Under California law, California Residents who have an established business relationship with us may choose to opt out of the disclosure of personal information about them to third parties for such third parties’ direct marketing purposes. As detailed above, our policy is not to disclose personal information collected online to a third party for direct marketing purposes without your approval. If you choose to opt-out at any time after granting approval,

International Transfer is in there too.

And yes, I prefer ^ over garbage ads playing in-game. It’s extraordinarily rare that mobile games aren’t full the stuff above now, though that is a lot.

Yep. And the fact that this is something “uncovered” goes to show PG did a fairly good job from what I can tell not smashing us in the face with it. Whatever they are doing now bothers me far less than having to watch an ad after or before my attacks.


also don’t forget that facebook has those annoying ads that you have to view every 30 seconds I think. It forced me to install an adblock on my browsers because I can’t view some livestream or funny videos.

From my google search, this describes free to play mobile games:

the service provider has to serve ads to you in return for the income that is keeping them in business, and in development. As the user, you reap the benefit of using the product for free.

I wonder if the ad sites know that PG is not actually DISPLAYING the ads?
I have never seen an in game ad. Do they exist?

Either way, honestly I am not really upset by this. If PG can make money scamming the ad sites, and the result is that I play for less or free versus the cost without ad revenue, then in my mind that is two wrongs making a right.

Ad companies display ads to get people to install War Dragons, though I don’t know why they’d still need to call out to those after the initial install, other than user metrics being part of the deal. Of the ones shown, Vungle (+ a bit of Ad Colony) is the one that I see most often when playing other games.

I did not expect this to be a surprise. It should be assumed for anything that is free…

I though you all might like to know the specifics.

That is all… That and the permissions listed on either store are not accurate. I wonder how Apple. (to a lesser extent Google) feels about that.

I can verify it does track your location. If you confuse it enough, it will give up and list your country as ZZ rather than an actual country code. Country code is NOT based on language preference.

And I was waiting for someone to tell me to uninstall… Lol.

Thank you for the helpful suggestion. I will take it under advisement. :joy:

location is obtained using your IP Address.

Even games like this knows where you live (country only) based on the IP address that you are showing. This is how games may know if you are sharing your account to another player from another country.

The ads that is on the game might use that information since before you connect to a game, you have to let the server know your IP address. Without an IP Address, then no server connection is given. You can use VPN to mask it (from US to South Korea for example), but not recommended.

If you log in at US IP and then the next day you are on JP IP and then went back to US IP, then they can ban you for account sharing if it’s not given permission.

They won’t get anything more specific than that as far as I know.

This is also how ads are displayed when watching any video on youtube or facebook. It depends on what you browse and your location. If you are checking on PC games, it might give you PC game ads if there’s any available.

Can’t have that US ads if you’re from south korea. It’s a waste of money and resource

Though there are a number in the first post that aren’t covered in the Privacy Policy, it’s more just resignation at this point :rofl:

The only way to be untracked is to live off the grid.

Well, at least it’s not a bitcoin miner like other websites where it uses 20% of your CPU to farm bitcoins while you are browsing their site. Some have permission, some will do it behind your back and then some who will give you a virus that mines those coins.


So does this make the “PG does this because they have to make money somehow” argument less valid.
Seeing this in two ways: 1) Stop using the "this makes sense from a money making standpoint and they have to make money. and 2) people threatening to stop spending is laughable to them because they have other sources of revenue.

They know down to your city man.

depends actually, not every game has that feature where they can locate your actual location (down to city to actual address).

That would mean that ads are more reliable than 911 locating your area when there’s an emergency. I just remembered a show where they check if a 911 operative knows your location better than facebook or some other apps.

I think so… But that is only my option.

They can track account sharing with your device ID. Your IP doesn’t trigger that flag.

I’m not gonna post anything that you would accept as proof, since it would show my location.

But I know they know to the city.

Any IP lookup service can do the same. (That is not how I know, but they do.)

And then… facial recognition :scream:

when you see those apps that have nothing to do with camera mods require it :rofl:

Maybe I’m. Just paranoid. Lol.


Welcome to the 21st century! The era of transparent fakeness! Where nothing is what it seems! (or maybe yes, who knows?) The times when privacy simply can’t exist anymore - unless you spend your life underground, far behind the back of god. The time, when all the information is available yet no one uses it as it should…

Shall I go on, or is it enough already? :slight_smile: