PG Treats Us Like We're Stupid


They act like I’m dumb I tried to revive troop and they switched it on me to train troops instead I told them about it and they can’t even fix the mistake. And they wonder why I suggest people to rate 1 star :roll_eyes::thinking::unamused:


You very likely hit the wrong button my friend. Like 99.9999999% likely


Nope I watched it glitch after


Dude you’re starting to become a troll in the forums. Maybe you like to find some better way to contribute?


These programmers need to learn how to fix things it’s not my fault its theirs. You grumpy bird you :roll_eyes:


What his name suggests lol :rofl:


What are you suggesting be changed here? Just the support interaction?


I suggest you check if this was truly a glitch, or user error. If the former, give him an instant troop award. If the latter, ban his game and forum accounts for wasting company time. Time for the trolls to put some skin in the game.


:joy::joy::joy: I wasted 5 mins reading this


El error que vi y tengo es que derrepente ya no tenia huevos rojos y ya no puedo mejorar el edificio de contructores ni seguir investigando


Haha noice one Spook.

This dude has form too - look at all his posts. Wasting everyone’s time.


On topic:
Will a confirmation dialog be good for troop purchasing?

Off topic.
Getting banned in game won’t do any good I think.
If the base is still active, it can be bookmarked as farms for lower leveled player.


If you get banned ingame, doesn’t your base get rolled back to level 1?


Yes. Therefore, it’s useless to bookmark the base.
If it’s not banned, at least we can enjoy harassing training using the base.


A confirmation dialog for troops could be a good idea honestly.


While I agree to a small extent, a better confirmation dialog would be for any ruby use (e.g. accidentally speeding up construction using rubies when you have 2000 days worth of timers available)

In the case of troops, a player needs to:

  • click on either the blank build spot OR
  • click on the revive pool button, THEN
  • select how many troops they want to build (optional step), THEN
  • click the build button

User error should theoretically be at a minimum here and too bad the OP falls into the minority 0,000001% of users who have a user error doing this :man_facepalming:


I have to say I’ve recently had some rather iffy customer service from PG myself. I understand that everything can’t be fixed, but at LEAST read the tickets.


Feel free to PM Arelyna, Jared, or DragonPunch about support-related inquiries. Thanks, all!