PG vs the players events

I think it would be great for PG to host some PG vs Player events!

Get a list going of clans who want to war against PG. 24 hours before the event PG can “clone” the clan including the player levels, bases, dragons, etc and play the clone against the real player clan. No upgrades at all allowed during the 24 hour period but each player can optimize any tower placements, remember to buff, etc.

Get some twitch going, at least one for each team for live streaming. Record some of the epic base hits for viewing later.

Winners get sky raisins.

I mean, maybe some rubies/timers, or even a @ChefJen inspired in game portrait?
Who’s in?


Off topic : but your mentioned sky raisins , any relation to air beans?

I’d love the ability to just fly against my own base with the dragons I have.Or my teammates. I’d love to test them out and challenge myself.

Does this mean that I can play GTA real life PG edition without any real life consequences? ;D

Then this event would be for you, because guess what? You would have to hit your own base or a team mates to win. Great stuff.

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I think it would be great in theory.

However the ability to clone accounts, I’m not sure if it’s the easiest to automate. They have talked about rebuilding accounts when things go wrong and my impression is that it’s a manual style process.

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Yeah I get that almost no game keeps transactional logs so recreating any account at an exact point in time is an issue for all of them.

Writing a loop to capture it real time in RAM should be easier.

#include many_fine_PG_tools.h

void main(argv clan_name)
string new_clan=“clan_name”,"_PG);

string player=get_first_player_in_clan();

create_new_player(player, “_PG”)
set_player_password(player, “SecretPGPassword”);
printf(“New PG vs Player clan created\n”);

Lots of games keep player snapshots especially games involving real money.

Someone knows how to code :eyes:

I’m just an old hack. But if my illustrative pseudo code spurs someone at PG to says “Yeah. I can make that happen in 30 mins” we stand a better chance of getting the feature. Maybe. PG really isn’t a fan of me or my ideas.

I’m looking at it as a win/win.

PG follows through and we get a fun event, maybe some good prizes, and PG employees experience more of our game play fun and frustrations.


PG completely ignores anything and everything to do with the idea and we get additional confirmation on their disinterest in engaging the player base or the work required to do it.


@moderators Close this one too.


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You better not be leaving us. :pleading_face:

Alright, I suppose I can close this one too since you insist…

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