Pg! we must talk about the bronze chests

I believe I can speak for everyone…

Pg, opening the bronze chests is really excruciating. We often find ourselves at 5 / 10k of bronze chests that we players have to open. when will you introduce a way to open more bronze chests?

Please tell us that it is in the process of being worked on or that you will consider it.
Please, please, please :pleading_face:


Yes please! An option to Open 100 would be nice! Same option for atlas badge chests!


Open all bronze chests :ok_hand:
Open all Atlas Glory chests :ok_hand:


How does this make PG more money? If you can’t answer that, they usually wont even respond to threads like this.

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Having players quit in disgust over repeatedly asked for QoL changes constantly getting ignored is a negative impact to revenue… Straw breaking the camel’s back and all that :eyes:


Use rubies to open all chests :man_shrugging:

Or… new currency :smirk:


There you go. A currency that is only found in chests. Seems legit.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :rofl:

Maybe don’t save up 5k chests?

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I opened over 5k bronze chests … when i think of it , 100 clicks for 1000 chests …

After a time you dont really think of it … thinking of how often i tap with a hunter , its probably similar effort x)

Over time I learned that, I will save a maximum of 3k chests, I do not go further. But opening 10 at a time is really frustrating :no_good_woman:

Not open all please. Sometimes we need to open a certain amount during pvp, another during forti.

Make it like insta-breed feature where you can customize the number you wish to open.

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Better to open your bronze chests during PvP rather than on forti. :man_shrugging:

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I’m talking about gold chests.

Furthermore, there will be a situation that you probably only want to open a chunk of them. For example, during the last season.

The person you replied says:

No mentions of gold chests so…

thats why I said:

Oh yes, please don’t forget Atlas badge chests. Basically for all chests there should be an option to open 100 or even all. Preferrably with a ruby option to also open gold chests with saved rubies just like the instant breed (with the 4k rubies per 10 chests price of course). Opening 1000 golds is just as annoying as 1000 brozes or 1000 Atlas badge chests.

Good point. They introduced instant breed so why not introduce instant open for chests.

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Atlas chest too, they accumulate a lot faster.

Be careful what you ask for. Their solution will probably be to decrease the chest drop rate and make it harder to accumulate chest period in Atlas.

Please make sure something like this which is clearly a suggestion goes in the suggestion category. Thanks!

IE File 13. Where even good ideas go to die a quiet death in the dark shadows.