PG we need a solution for Narylth

I’m not going to regret any regarding getting Narylth but having such a mythic hunter which represents one of the most expensive dragons this season, with a broken spell is unfair and when pg declared that there’s no solution because of the issue of coding is unacceptable. I have just recorded two cases that happened to me in a row after the new updates, that means, there have been so many cases and glitches before the last updates and until this moment, like:

  • WOM spell is not functioning after casting.
  • Fire flak after WOM and before dying, it attacks the dragon
  • Dark flak after WOM and after attacking towers doesn’t die and attacks the dragon again.

I know other mates may confront another issue or glitch, so please post a video of it again and again.

My proposal to improve the viability of Narylth is, make the mind spike to kill 3 towers in one shot comfortably and with high certainty, like execute spell of Ronin.

Please PG deal with our frustration seriously and propose any solution or even an alternative solution or even compensation
Narylth WOM Glitch Wom glitch2

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