PG we want to be able to gift to our team mates

There are countries in the world right now that are in dire economic straits. People have been impacted by covid and haven’t worked for up to 18 months. Some of us are really lucky, with jobs that were protected and countries that weren’t so badly impacted and while we aren’t rolling in money we can spare a few $$$ for those doing it tough.

We would like to gift our team mates things like rubies, or Elite/Atlas Elite and we can’t do it at the moment. So how about we find a way where we can, please ?

(and if any of you know a way we can do it now without putting any accounts at risk, or be considered cheating let me know. I looked at iTunes but you can’t gift out of your own country)

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You can just send a gift card code through a pm. You could also use stuff like Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.


I have to admit to not being an expert on this subject, but :slight_smile:

Happy for some instruction on how I can achieve it

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You send them cash using paypal… Then they use that cash like anyone else would to purchase things in their own PG account apple account. You can also purchase apple gift cards and if your really truely want to get it to them you could mail …Mail still runs. The whole thing is that they receiving player has to have their own way of converting that cash sent to game purchase. I am totally against gifting certain things like atlas Elite or rubies or anything else of of PG in game currencies

Ok, so as I pointed out above, I cannot send iTunes cards outside of my country and am looking into the other options mentioned above. But I’m curious as to why you are totally against gifting elite account / etc.

Seeing as you are from Australia and I was married and lived there for a few years ( Now back in the US as I am citizen there and my son is dual citizen), we have friends and relatives still in Australia. We send money via paypal. We have also sent itunes gift cards through the mail in cards and so forth.

Forgot to reply to your question as to why I am opposed to gifting elite and so forth. I am against it as it can lead to problems and be abused especially gifting things like rubies/diamonds to others. I personally don’t have any elites on any accounts other than 1 alt.
Players/teams want to ensure that all others on their team has elite so that they can build troops and be able to keep up with the amount of troops it takes defend. While other players like to be able to stop another teams ability to keep defending by troop draining their enemies. The strategy is employed is to notate which teammates of the enemy team doesn’t have atlas elite and drain them quickly of troops.
It is a viable strategy and is used throughout the game regardless of if one team/player wants to admit it or not.
Hence the biggest reason, some advocate for what you are suggesting, and the biggest reason that others are against what you are suggesting.

Oh … interesting.

I certainly don’t have enough money to gift elite to my whole team :slight_smile:

They used to have the option but removed it because it was being abused and because Apple and Google don’t like it since it avoids exchange fees. Im not sure why the red card packs are an exception but I am pretty sure they’re never bringing regular gifting back.

Apple should be happy, we pay WAY more for iTunes cards than the US does (even when you factor in the exchange rate). In fact, I think Apple got called out by the Government for doing it.

Yes you get it for one… your team mate gets if for another and soon everyone has it on your team. Not talking about 1 player getting it for the other 49 lol.

They tried gifting… it was Exploited… that’s why it
Won’t be a thing again.


That’s an overly simple explanation… people were also using hacks and stolen credit cards to “gift” packs… meaning apple and google were being charged back without a way to track why. That’s why they didn’t like it.

Pack sellers suddenly appeared. Meaning you could say sent someone say $70 Of real money, in exchange for say $100 of Packs. But these packs
We’re bought with false accounts and fake/stolen credit cards…:: see the issue?

I really hate dishonest people … :frowning:

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Well they were honest with their services :joy:


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Cause hey his money and such also gifting can be exploitable so I doubt they’re going to allow it outside of Chinese New Year.

PG do run gifting at some point of the year, but I don’t remember when it is, that often gifts a small amount of sigils. Last time we had it, you could select a member that you wished to give it to.

I swear we had one last year at some point, because I gave all the officers of the team I was on one each, as a thank you.

Most other games let you gift packs.

No idea why people wouldn’t like it, its no different than pay pal the funds over.

Google/ apple / Pg still get their revenue.

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I played a game many years back and had a teammate pay to keep me playing. I had a bad patch in life and the game was kind of a getaway and they helped me out.

As far as “exploits” what is being described sounds like criminal fraud. If packs are being gifted with stolen credit cards the packs should easily be reversed when payment wasn’t secured. Not sure how you can exploit that.