PG what about a wind flak or tower


SS will have a duration where spells have a certain % chance of doing damage or missing the attack it would have a normal attack I think that be a nice addition where spells could possibly miss & do damage to the spell what are your thoughts on a wind flak or towerbeing a


-Reads the first sentence-


Definitely wouldn’t be a flak


Wind Flak = Electro Flak


I wouldn’t mind seeing a tower whose supershot has a small chance of disabling a random spell for the duration of the run


No not disable my idea was like you cast a spell on towers it may miss like a (accuracy) reduction or the spell gets (blown back) and damages dragon


He is saying like a windwall/invert/revert type.


Yes something of the nature or a dragon accuracy of a spell is reduced


OrcaFrost is correct that the Wind Flak = Electro Flak.


This? I hate this.

Rest in peace people who plan their flights.


So this can be a discussion in the PG panel of a tower that can reduce a dragons ability to Target towers by making the dragon normal/spell miss targeted towers and can even a reflect normal/spells right back at the dragon


Dear god can we please not introduce RNG into runs. Also removing dragons ability to target specific towers can make runs impossible to complete. Imagine storm towers being untargetable…


It’s only be for a brief period not permanent throughout the battle unless another SS hits him


That’s still RNG. Still completely ruins a run with a dragon that requires accuracy and timing. Faulting a flyer not because of skill but because of a random happenstance is just… bad.


Just putting out a suggestion for PG to look into


And I’m just saying PG should absolutely not look into it.


It’s just a tower and it’s if the SS hit the dragon


No shit.


Then why get mad at a tower to help defend your base?


If you could use even a modicum of critical thinking you would realise that the problem with a tower that disables a spell (we already have that in ice flaks, also) for the duration of the flight is the worst idea possibly ever.