PG what about a wind flak or tower


I have to agree. Imagine that you’re flying Noctua and for whatever reason you manage to get hit by this spell disabling supreshot that last the rest of the battle. If you lose either cloak or vines, you’re pretty much SOL, especially if you were hitting up… :see_no_evil:

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I wonder if it’s could follow spell flux order system. Like has an order of what it disables? Like disables red spells first, or blues or offensive spells or passives


Lol oh you’re talking about my post :rofl:

It was just a random thought, but I don’t mind some RNG action when I fly :man_shrugging: makes things interesting.

In any case as with all supers it can be dodged so same as what’s happening right now :man_shrugging:

And also I said small chance of disabling spell. So defender has to decide if they take the chance and potentially waste a super, or they don’t take the chance and super something else.

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