Pg why don’t you take any action Here is the link everyone sellls account and this website should be ban pg don’t take any action against them and selling account is against the pg terms


It might be against PG’s terms of service but I don’t believe it’s against the law.


So… why are you advertising for them instead of reporting through a ticket or PM? Also, it’s probably already known.

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Address the messages to whoever started this thread in the first place then

Lol 2 people clicked on the link :eyes:

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Click reply to his post, but if it doesn’t show up :woman_shrugging:

@Evillordx Report this link on a ticket in game. If you don’t receive a response then PM PGJared or someone who deals with these types of issues on here in the forums. BUT ONLY IF NO ONE RESPONDS TO YOUR TICKET AFTER A WHILE SO BE PATIENT

Sorry about the caps, don’t take it the wrong way

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I want to them to take action against this website and take them down why they ban innocent people and then take ages to review there account

Just report it on a ticket and wait for a response like I said above

I’ve already opened ticket and waiting to get review account it’s been 37 days


Okay then contact someone on the forums. Send the ticket number and info to them and they’ll deal with it

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Hahaahha remove the link don’t take any action pg useless

@TheRedDelilah take action against them don’t remove links

you know PG can’t simply force a website to shut down…

I don’t think any gaming company can shut down a website forcibly. This is why gold selling site from MMO games are still up even from games like WoW.


I’m not a PG staff member :joy::joy::joy:


“Innocent” people wouldn’t be buying an account in the first place? If it’s getting an account gifted, then the person would want to check it out carefully. Even then, that’s also against ToS, so it’s always a risk.

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They can I’m playing gta and buying mod menu that works for Gta it’s been 2 years and it’s been Months ago they took down all website who use to sell there mod or cheat

As someone already pointed out, there is not really much PG can do about this. It’s not against the law to sell your account (aka “access to the service”). It is against the TOS.

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People sell account there and they will keep selling lol and pg knows but can’t do anything