PG wont help me! Why?

I have huge problems with atlas. Everytime i goto atlas the game force quits within seconds. I believe my account is banned from in-game helpdesk aswell as the web-based one since im not getting any answers. Over half of this game is unplayable for me and PG says nothing. Please can someone help me with this?


It often happens when the device is unable to load all the data, usually after an update, so just enter the atlas from a wi-fi network and download the data well to solve the problem.

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Do you have any reason to believe this other than not having received a response?

You might just need to be patient. FYI if you keep responding it may actually prevent you from getting a response.

I believe If you are banned from support you can’t even submit a ticket, so you probably aren’t banned. I’d give it 24 hours without adding additional responses and if you don’t get anything back post your ticket number in the forums and tag pgGal for escalation.


Thats because they can’t help you maybe… i dont think that they are NOT help you :roll_eyes:
Problem could be android system old model phone ? just curious

Android is not inferior to ios. In fact I think its way better. So stop using Android as a bad example, don’t know why folks do this.

So you say Atlas work prety smooth with Android system ? no commend sir :blush:

My atlas does. And I’ve said this before, the game shouldn’t depend on os to run. Should be able to run in all platforms.

You gotta have some patience Pg will reply i have asked them many questions and they answered it

The game was coded only for ios.

It was then coded from scratch for android later in a rush before its android launch from what i heard.

Exact reason the game runs even shittier on older android devices.

Well said. But we all know pg wont invest manpower and hours into android optimization. :man_facepalming:t2:

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Since Pocket Gems has a D- rating with the Better Business Bureau, don’t be shocked that their customer service is dreck. Actually when you think about it, naming their seasonal dragons Zilch and Dross is oddly appropriate.


:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

I cant make in-game tickets…

I made a ticket in at the webpage of helpdesk over one week ago

Suggestion for the next festive’s name… It means “trash” in german :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Rage I had same problem I had to go out and buy a iPad a brand new one just for my atlas game to work which is ridiculous but true

If you can still make them in the web portal then you aren’t banned.

I assume you checked the web portal for updates?

Have you been responding to it constantly? Or did you make the ticket and not respond for a while?

You might consider a new ticket or PM PGGal with your ticket number and tell him no response for a week.

Probably your ticket got categorized to another game if you sent it via email.
Best to message PGGalileo about your ticket number.

You can actually get banned from the support system if you spam the queue with multiple tickets for the same issue, threaten, harass, or use racial slurs against support agents, or anything else you wouldn’t do as a reasonable human being.

I 100% understand this frustration. I have currently been going back and forth with PG for 12 days on one ticket for my alt. I have been responded to by 6 different people. It seems that NONE of them read the previous messages or look at any attached pictures before responding. Furthermore, it seems that none of them have any actual clue about the game.

One of my favorite (and most infuriating) responses in the current battle I’m having is “I can assure you that no issues are currently affecting you as we speak,” when literally NOTHING had even been addressed about the very real issue I am having. It felt very “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” :rofl:

@PGGalileo I DM’ed you about this 5 days ago and you have not responded :cry: I’m sure you haven’t been busy with anything else, so that can only mean I should take it personally :pensive::wink:(Nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

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