PG y’all are killing me!

Folks I have been playing this game for 2 years, and fully understand that changes and development needs to take place inorder to keep the upper ranks happy and busy spending their money :moneybag:! But this atlas delay crap has about put me out of the game. We just lost a level 388 home grown member we were plat 1 about to move into sapphire and then y’all stated it would be another month or so, he was maxed out on drags and almost on his buildings! And just got stolen by a Diamond team because they had something I could not offer! I keep hearing how things will be fair but now I know their is no way as the Higher teams just steal form the lower level teams where we can not even save our own players! Not happy on OlympusFury


Sounds like he might have been looking for a reason to leave?

Idk but a “homegrown” member whose been with you from the start…Through the good & the bad! Has been waiting a year for Atlas and now he just cannot wait a month to get Atlas?

I really want Atlas as bad as the next person so does a lot of the members but leaving isn’t an option especially not if you’ll have it in a month!


@Twitchx- Assuming he was the team ‘Big’, and assuming he spent some cash to get there, I think it’s pretty admirable he stayed as long as he did. Spenders typically (eventually) want to get a better return on their financial ‘investment’, and Atlas APPEARS to give that (from the outside looking in, anyway), so you can’t really blame him (which obviously you are not). And yeah, allegedly it’s just a month, but Atlas/Beta has existed for how long now, and is still only available to a very small percentage of teams…

@Thrillmaster - that sucks man! We lost a ‘Big’ / spender a while back too. He ended up coming back shortly thereafter though, so “It ain’t over 'til it’s over!”

Atlas sucks, you dont want it.


The initial roll out was October of 2017 it has been delayed consistently! At some point when you are maxed boredom sets in which was his case and we spoke about it! And I understood he had to go for his own self fulfillment. The point here is we don’t have a prayer of making Atlas it top players keep getting swiped because we cant offer it to keep them around and others can!

Yeah extra 3000 1h timers that atlas gives to me sucks. It doesnt help me at all.


I know what you mean and it really does suck! I’ve lost 2 300+ players for very similar reason…Especially all the work you put in to build and maintain that team and one of your strongest players leave…It’s a real blow!

Boredom I could see if he was bored and possibly wanted Atlas for something new.

Maxed? Sounds as if he has all the Harbinger dragons and level 60 towers throughout his entire base? That is what I think about when I think maxed. I’m sure this wasn’t the case for him.
The game was probably just getting stale for him and he wanted something new (Atlas)

Thanks ItsJustJoe! I have never complained before just a little frustration setting in!

Or also probably he wants to be in a battlefield where his lvl is just average.

Wrong Twitch he was just individual # 1 in past event and top 10 in past 4! Has all drags!

That’s impressive for a level 348.

I thought with storage I “thought” I remembered reading something that with caps or something Harbinger dragons you would have to be XXX level.

I’m not there yet so yeah I have no idea lol

He was 388!

Probably bored out of his mind in Plat.


You are correct he was! But teams should be on equal playing ground meaning being able to play and offer same entertainment! Without being poached!

Whoops :grimacing:

Leading a team is a labor of love bud … it’s discouraging at times. There’s always the option of disbanding your team or merging with a sapphire team to get Atlas faster. :face_with_monocle:

That guy would have made the war we just had with you much more difficult!

Btw did you know one of your members was farming our team during the war? Sir something or other…

Can’t expect one of the best players in the game to wait forever for Atlas… we have it btw… and it’s awesome. Hope you get it this round… :crossed_fingers:

Sam that should not be an option! Folks should not have to lose players or have to disband because they don’t have the same toys to play with! This game preaches bring your friends and family, some have a little more money then others and will rise faster that is understood! But losing players because I can’t offer something is garbage! They way it is now, is allowing the higher team to poach the lower teams of their best players! The lower teams will never have a chance to get to Atlas or move up!

But it is the reality of the game and has been since I’ve been playing. We’ve had many players grow and go. They outgrow the team, being the biggest member on a team is rough. They can help everyone but no one can help them. :confused:

How can I get the extra 3000 1H timers?