PG, you did what?

So, you finally get the harbinger stone for stanky wing, & just for 500 sigils more, 2, yes, 2 gold chests. There are other lines I haven’t traversed & can assure PG that if you went for the post harbinger double whammy, you either bought all the other prizes up & there’s no possible way to justify it any other way than getting those 2 chests; or, now stay with me, you may be a window licker. Those are the only things I could think of (besides having to spend off your last sigil for a season that expires in a few minutes). Maybe there are special prizes for dedicating that much time, money, time, effort, money, time, so on & so forth; to their game, besides just 2 measly gold chests. Not snubbing my nose at a gold chest, but in the full spectrum of it, yeah, paltry would be vernacular best to describe that amount. So, what’s the deal?


You can keep claiming the 2 gold chests

You do realize that those are a way for the Uber spenders to use their “remaining” sigils, after claiming EVERYTHING, right? (You can claim those 2 chests as many times as you want, for 500 sigils a pop).

They’re not intended for Joe Schmoe, E2P or F2P, just saying…


Yeah this is PGs version of an automatic extra sigil cash in mechanism. They had to do it manually for the first season and I bet it took a lot of hours trading in extra sigils for gold chests.

I love autocorrect :joy::rofl::joy:

This is correct. It was quite a bit of work the first time around.

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Wasn’t it also 5 chests?

I don’t really recall. (no sarcasm)

Do people call her something other than stanky wing?

What a man names his dragon is a very sacred & intimate ritual (or you’re trying to avoid your wife naming it something like “PinkyPoo”, “Grapico” or “Sir-Cinnamon”). It not only showed much promise as a young hatchling, but it also put some “Stank” on it, when it brought the pain. No Autocorrect here.

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