PG you missed the point. Many people can't even DO the event

From your thread Ongoing 5.0, Gauntlet, and Summerkai Issues

Unable to Attack PvE Isles due to Banned/Inactive Status
These attacks should not be consuming your Energy, Megacoins, or consumables, so rest assured that they will be returned to your inventory. That being said, we’re currently investigating why the PvE islands are not working for every player.

What you miss, neglect to state, or possibly deliberately minimize, is that there are many players that have not been able to do anything in this event at all because of this. It’s not just a little bug, don’t worry, you won’t lose energy" - it’s a complete failure to score any points.

For those that grind, it’s a nightmare.

I have found I can apply mega the stuffing out of PvP’s, so I have been able to get a lot of points there - but PvE islands? It’s a lottery.

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