Pg you should start

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Ehhh, depends what the reward is. I don’t really want a Bronze Chest and 100 sigils.

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200 rubies something in that nature i mean its only right as we are being test dummys anyways they get paid to screw up we should get paid to tell them whats wrong!

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200 rubies is a bit excessive imo. 150 sounds good, ruby inflation is the last thing WD needs.

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that be fine to i said 200 because they do that with the surveys but regardless we should not be puppets

They get bombarded with glitch reports enough without saying that the lucky 1st reporter gets something for it imo. I’d rather they fix the game than reward us for telling them how broke it is lol


if the price is high they will double check before making live and us having to deal with the stress

Pretty sure they were being sarcastic. xd 200 rubies is nothing.

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eiii. Hero wants to be rewarded or being paid . Umm, ok . Paid hero lol . What 's wrong with: I want to make the game free of technical bugs lol hahaha. Now you are requesting being rewarded for boasting out ? So pathetic dude :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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i want to visit your castle :star_struck: dont be scared u can message me in game :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not scare at all. But I may get myself into troubles with you, which I don’t like . I think you already got my point

@moderators should probably lock this thread before it devolves…

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waiting for ya and get yourself introuble dont be scared :slight_smile: send me ingame mail with your bigger i dont care if you like me facts are your hiding behind a fake profile and running your chops which is great

let me guess luna lmao

lmao my thread and can change it to off topic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: as i do with all my posts now haha

Just activate the ruby farm and get on with it. 200 rubies everyday. That’s 200 x 28 = 5,600 rubies a month. To maintain it, we gonna have to do 100 runs a day. Talk about ramming cookiepal with ember continuously :smirk:

But pls don’t expect them to reward us with 200 rubies for every bug we report. We all don’t use the same devices to play. Every update they release makes things better for a particular device. So think of it as this way, if you wanna play in your current device, and not have any bugs, just report it and your device shall be bug-free mostly.

Flag all u like @moderators unflag my off topic post pls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why would they give us free stuff for the game being broken? With the amount of glitches they have they’d be giving away thousands of dollars of goods lol

Not asking for a bunch but should reward for us calling it out i mean they get paid for this we dont