PGCrisis, I can’t give my feedback 😕

@PGCrisis, the game wants my feedback but the YES button takes me to a blank page. I wanna give it but it’s not working. The first screen pops up each time I try to log on, I don’t think I can get into the game until I pick NO. What should I do?


Same here and for multiple teammates


The feedback screen is glitching … could this be considered ironic? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Same here

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Ive never got 200 rubies from the last feedback


Should PG itself submit a support ticket? lol Can’t wait for zendesk answer… “Dear PG, I’m sorry you are having trouble with your own feedback page. However, at this point there’s nothing we can do. Good flying!”

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SMDH lol

Half-hearted gift :joy:

Same for me but egh, I figured they had second thoughts and decided it was better I not give my feedback. :hugs:


I recall giving feedback in the past about the divines. I suppose it was due to people not being happy with the spells. They ended up changing the spells on them … giving Kinnarus Dodo. :heart_eyes:

It’s a known issue… so what else is new lol you’d think they’d disable it until they get around to fixing it

So what kind of feedback would people suggest anyways? I’m still trying to think of ways to make warrior and sorcerer dragons more relevant to the game, but I also have serious doubts that PG is even capable of implementing the ideas.

Happening to me too :rofl: I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of feedback they were asking for. :t_rex:


Same lol

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Also same here…

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I can’t either, you click yes, but goes to a blank page. Then nothing…

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Plank rage here too.

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I have the same issue. I put in a support ticket. I think this happened in the last round of surveys.

Can I still get my rubies? :grin:

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