PGGalileo - Goodbye Everybody, I've Got to Go!

Dragon Lords - what a strange and bittersweet post to write!

Tomorrow will be my last day at PG and being your Community Manager. I have the opportunity of a lifetime to go help run a tech company that I started a long time ago with a couple of buddies. That’s the sweet part. Working with my best friends on our own business? So fun!

The bitter part is that I made the hard choice to leave the best job I’ve ever had, which is working here as your Community Manager. I really love PG. The team is fantastic, the stuff we are working on is not only cool but also super fun. I mean, a career in video games? I wish I could go back and tell little Galileo that running little Italian plumbers up and down castles was going to pay off someday :joy:

I can’t think of another scenario in which I would have left, truly.

Anyway, that is all to say that I owe all of YOU a big thank you. Coming to work every day has been a real joy, even when things were tough because I can tell you all care SO much about War Dragons, and as many of you told me - you care about each other (well, teammates and friends - you know what I mean). That’s so important and rare!

Many times I have found myself absolutely cracking up at your posts and jokes, and moved by how much you care about your friends and teammates, sharing your pet pictures, and yes - even you mutants over at War Dragons Addicts, my favorite guilty doomscrolling pleasure, for being so absolutely scathingly hilarious at times.

I’ll miss working with the factions, joking around here, giving you silly nicknames, and my old pirate team whose name I could never quite remember. WeDie4Love? WeGive4Mold? I have made so many great memories here and I will keep them close to my heart. I have a feeling that’s why so many of you love this game <3

As I’m leaving, you still have @DragonPunch and @PGTimber to reach out to - and of course, our wonderful other Gemmers come in from time to time to chat. Special shoutouts to all of them and of course @PGJared who has made my job an actual breath of fresh air in a world where work is difficult for a lot of people. Also big fist bumps to @PGNines @PGrdm and @PGLawson and@RamenWithSoup for being great and a ton of other PGs that don’t visit the forum that often.

I’ll be here for one more day, so I can still tie up some loose ends and say goodbye and reply to this thread. Just one more note before I tie up this post – be excellent to each other!

And finally a screenshot of some of my favorite times here - doing the livestreams with Lawson and Rdm - and chatting with all of you :slight_smile:



Nooooooo! :sob:


Bye bubba :facepunch:t3:


Thank you for all you have done to make this the most enjoyable experience! You have an amazing time and we wish you the best!


Yesss, Bubba is a term of endearment, everyone!


Mention my atlas not being fixed in your exit interview :weary:


Whaaaaaa?!?! But, I’ve just gotten comfortable harassing you with all of my complaints. That’s how I show love and appreciation. :pleading_face:

I…I don’t like this. This is unexpected. Could even say it was too easy come, easy go! :wink:

Best of luck to you, Galileo, Galileo; Galileo, Galileo; Galileo, Figaro - magnificoooo! Thank you for tolerating us badgering you and tagging you (oftentimes unnecessarily), and still agreeing to mentally spar with us day after day. Will miss you! :hugs::blue_heart:


oh man that is good news for you and a pity for us. i want to thank you Galileo for nice posts and presentations of last seasons. you rock!! wish you all best!!!


Good luck man wish you the best of luck


Nooo!!!... Both my and my cat’s reaction to this news below…
But in all seriousness you will be dearly missed :purple_heart: . All the best in your new-ish endeavors. Doing something with people you like and in a field you love is a priceless treasure. Nobody can fault you for embracing that. — edit—- really… sideways photo?! Too lazy to edit… just lay your head down for a little nap and it’ll all look normal…—-


Best of luck, sir! You were a top-notch coworker and an awesome part of the team!


I wish you all the best Gal! We will miss you here and in every coming stream :sleepy:

snowball-secret-life-of-pets (1)


Aww! You’ll be sorely missed. Best wishes, R! :green_heart:


Best wishes on your next endeavor! You’ll be missed, but the tech company is gaining a huge asset. Your style of wrangling the community has been refreshing. You’ve left big shoes to fill.

Now, to give you a proper, purple send off.





Now who gave you permission to leave?


You’ll be missed :pensive:


PGGalileo: Before you leave, can you please send out the T-Shirt & Poster prizes from your Celestial Rift Forums Contest (Angels & Demons)? Please, we have waited long enough.


Oh what, I’m sorry these didn’t get sent out. Please DM me and I’ll make sure they’re sent.


As a long time player, I noticed you tried to make a difference and I guess you did your job well.

I wish you best luck in your next adventure.