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Basically, it will function as an AMA. I’ll do these whenever I can, but if someone schedules a meeting or something, I’ll have to take that.

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Hopefully we can get some answers to some of these this week


Thanks, will be in a meeting soon where I can ask these questions directly.

One answer: “Yes the plan is to run assault and dungeons at least once this season. We will hopefully lock down dates for those today.”

Hold off on the timer question, we’re still designing the next line - I know that’s a bummer for people that want to plan, but we’re considering all of the feedback we’re getting here and from the GPF.

The Shard situation will essentially be the following: Every new festive will have a fixed rate - so just like Hueso had X rate during Souldance, the new Festive will have X rate during Eclipse. After a Festive’s season has ended, there will be a smaller chance of getting their shards - but they will still exist.

The Festive will have a standard resource boost.

The jury is still out on the limited time branch, neither yes or no - yet.


Awesome, thank you

Also since Primarch/Rider leveling starts today, any update on this?

No new information for public consumption, but I can say I have seen the work being done to address this issue. Sorry to be vague.


Hopefully we hear something soon. I’ve only got 30 levels left on my last rider to earn points with until the spring atlas season starts. Losing out on all those timers really sucks
:pleading_face: :tired_face: :sob:

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@PGGalileo next update? :eyes:


Tell them if they don’t give you answers you will belly flop on them
Anyone in their right minds will listen


When do we get to see the dinosaur kimono?


That is some 90s Nickelodeon glory right there. But I meant in a stream :joy:


What ever happened to the mystery branch? I don’t recall it being there last season. I’m assuming it’s the normal PG thing where the players really liked something so they replaced it with the ho-hum trading Post?

They turned it into the Trading Post for some reason

So basically every season then the Draconian chests will be diluted a little more, making them less valuable in terms of non-dragon shard drops. This seems like a pretty bad plan that will devalue these chests

It would be nice if at least either hammers or xp boosts could be swapped out for elemental embers.

Any chance we’ll at least get an answer to this soon? The line comes out next week and as I said in the last topic, there is only about 20hrs between when the wave 2 boost ends and when this tower comes out. Seems rediculous that this still cant be answered so that people can make informed decisions this week :roll_eyes:

Will the tower line have a resource boost?


re: shards – I’m not sure if that’s an accurate read of what I said, can you explain your devalue analysis?

Short answer - is there a chance? Sure. Is it a big chance? I don’t think so. – I have no idea when we’re going to get an answer to the line design. I would not expect that soon – as we have to create that (incorporating feedback we’ve seen on the forums), run it by GPF, make tweaks (if necessary) and then settle on a final design.

It’s like what happened to the tower line, as more electrum were added to the line the value of those resources forced a reduction in the number of timers so the value of the line stayed consistent ( since as towers grow in levels you need more electrum to build them).

As more and more festive dragons are released, the shards for adding another festive dragon on top of the first, start necessitating the reduction of other resources to make room for the new dragon shards.

In both cases the overall value of the line stays the same, but the resources not associated with the tower or dragon are reduced. This means that for players who invested because they wanted the “goodies” not the end product, get less and less of what they are actually after, making the line of less and less value to them.

This typically means that players need to get more and more season lines to get the “goodies” they need.

Hmm, that didn’t seem to be the analysis our team gave, but maybe I didn’t understand it. I’ll see if that’s true.

That’s what I was inferring and that’s why we don’t have nice things around here

@PGGalileo No response about mystery branch?

If you’re adding more and more different shards for different mythics then the chances of any dragon shards in general over say inner fires or mystic fragments is going to increase, making it harder to get those other drops.
Dispite what PG may have intended with these Draconic chests, people are not claiming them primarily for the dragon shard drops, they want the other drops. So as these chests get flooded with more different dragon shards their value to us will be lower.

I personally have zero interest in Hueso shards so those are already a dead drop to me along with xp boosts and hammers. Even if you cut the average drops of Hueso shards down to half of what it is now, the drop averages for Winter Shards has to come from somewhere and the only place for it would be to lower the drop averages for everything else.

If you have a bag of 10 Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Purple blocks each, even if you take out half the purple blocks and put in 15 White blocks, the chance of pulling any of the other blocks has also dropped. Then next season when you take out 10 white blocks and put in 15 black blocks the average for everything else will again decrease and this will happen every season as the chests get diluted with more festive shards

This would be taken care of if instead of Hueso and Winter Festive shards we just had generic festive shards that worked on any festive dragon. Yes it would come at the cost of not having a certain festive’s shards no longer dropping once you have enough to max them but that would still be preferable to having specific shards to a dragon you dont want and having the chests get diluted more and more each season