PGGalileo Office Hours (1/11-1/15)

Did they answer whether or not they would give us a final response here before the 20% bonus is out? This is very important.


I would hope that the plans of this are finished prior to 20 hours of release.


While I do agree - that also depends how they implement adding in shards

Hueso shards seemed to have a sequence of their own, so if what they do is add the new shards in that sequence, then the pool of the shards only would be affected in theory, with other drops being unaffected (basically, new shards taking away from the % of hueso)

If it’s added to the chest though as a pool of its own, then herein lies the issue, because it’ll dilute everything else

So I’m curious to know as well how they’ll add the shards in


Gotcha, the team said “we will set a ceiling on what % of the chest will go to shards, it won’t go up indefinitely. Also, once shards are maxed for a dragon, those shards won’t drop anymore.”


Is there a reason why you won’t just do universal festive dragon shards which can be used on any of the new format of festive dragons? Like with the atlas rider shards being universal, seems like it would be a much simpler move than making new shards every season


See that worries me though, because indefinitely doesnt mean that it isnt going up this season or even next season

Doing different shards for multiple dragons is just such a bad idea. If you want the Winter festive and get Hueso shards then that’s a dead drop. I dont see why PG would be promoting chests like that. With generic shards, even if you dont like Hueso or the winter festive you could use them for a future festive so they at least have potential future value to you instead of being more junk you’ll never use.


The problem is. The generic shards would have to continue dropping to allow enough to max out ALL festive dragons released. Not just the one you chose.

Unless it was implemented like this :point_up::point_up:

In that way the percentage of getting a shard never changes. But just what festive type does.

But then even that faces a problem as if you wanted to level dragon C but kept getting dragon A,B and D shards, then that would also prove a wasted drop and be frustrating.


And this is a problem why? No matter what you will be getting dragon shards dropping unless you have enough of each to max every individual festive. The difference is that even if you dont want a particular festive those shards would have a use.

If you max the winter festive you’ll still get Hueso shards dropping if you dont have enough to max Hueso


Yeah true.

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That is true. The trading post deals have certainly gotten better than they were the first time but they’re still not as good as the mystery branch deals were, especially with chests. Reginald is a greedy prick

This actually already is the case. @FieryxFury actually has access the data I was collecting for the chest drop average sheets as I thought it would help her to sequence silvers/golds for us. So she has seen this data.

This was for 12/16/2020.
Main chest contents
Bonus chest contents
Fragments sequence contents (Legendary top, Epic middle, Mythic bottom)
Epic resource sequence contents
Legendary resource sequence contents
Mythic resource sequence contents

So if they add in more dragon shards, the actual drop rate of Hueso will decrease and be replaced with the other. If you are opening a good number of them any season, eventually that number for Hueso will go to 0 and the rest of the fragments will get chosen instead. Only when you have maxed all available dragon fragments would you see it fall back to another resource drop if you were supposed to get fragments.

That’s the way I would logically go about doing this.

Edit: The fragments one looks a little weird because I am not showing the sequence names themselves, so the actual order of them got lost with that cut.


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I want to address what I think you are missing, at least after reading the posts from last weeks Office Hours. We have had a significant increase in sigil requirements for this season, increased line costs and increased key costs. It was strongly implied that these costs would be offset through a variety of sources, none of which have materialized. We are half way through the season without a dungeon or assault event. Or any other opportunity to gain additional sigils.

In addition, the line structure has been changed, offering fewer timers in a dragon branch, not the tower branch as we are accustomed. Now we have the possibility of the draconic chests being further diluted with additional dragon frags and reducing much needed resources.

Looking ahead, we are supposed to have a new tier released next breed and egg tokens are no easier to come by. Increasing costs and stagnant resources are the biggest factor contributing to my consideration to spend money and continue playing this game.

My feeling now is that you are completely ignoring the requirements to keep up with your released content while asking your player base to contribute more time or money to merely maintain a position. In other words, we are treading water, and you are handing us bricks.

This game is fun, it is engaging, I want to keep playing, but it seems that PG is trying to make push me away. I know that is not your intent, and I know you need to monetized this game to pay everyone that works on it, but it is starting to feel like you don’t care about the E2P players and especially not the F2P players.

That’s just my opinion, we will see if anyone agrees. Thanks for reading all that.



Note that this is not necessarily true, the shards drops could also remain in their own sublisting, meaning resource drops will be unaffected.

That’s still not ideal because that would mean the chances of getting a specific dragon’s shards will get worse instead, and two years from now when a new tier comes out (so none of your festives are maxed) you will have a mix of 9 different dragons drop and it will take ages to level a specific one.

But it’s a better option than diluting the resource drops so I’m hoping that this is the implementation chosen.

Yep but that’s not how wd chests tend to work. They use two stages where you first pick one of the bags at random, and then pick one of the blocks. So if one bag has your 15 white blocks and the other bag has the coloured blocks, adding more colored blocks won’t change the odds for white blocks, since the change of picking the white block bag is still the same.


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The only disadvantage is that right now I’ve gotten all of the hueso shards so they don’t drop anymore improving there drop rate of everything else (the good drops).

With a universal shard unless it also caps at the number to expert all festives we’d end up being at the diluted drop rate forever and never get to the point where we only get good drops (no shards).