PGGalileo Office Hours (1/18-1/22)

Office Hours - when I’m specifically on the forums
11a-11:30am PST Mon/Weds (when available)
4pm-4:30pm PST Tues/Thurs (when available)

NOTE: The PG team is out today, Monday 1/18, to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We will be back tomorrow!

This thread will allow me to come in and focus on forum stuff. Before you ask questions, you might find this FAQ about me helpful! also the Code of Conduct is useful, too!

You’re all welcome to join me in this thread and have fun, or ask serious questions!

Basically, it will function as an AMA. I’ll do these whenever I can, but if someone schedules a meeting or something, I’ll have to take that.

I’m also still around outside of these times, but this is when I will focus on the forums instead of hopping in and out like I normally do.

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See you tomorrow :chunk:


Team chunk or team firefin? :eyes:


I fear what would happen if I did not say Chunk. I say so for Ruru’s safety.




We are unstoppable now.


A new tower in this fortification awaits us? Earlier PG said that a new tower would be every half a year


We offer protection, to all those who accept the ways of the belly flop.


I think they will do it next fort when the new tier comes out… I think


Did you say the new tower branch will have a discounted cost? Or did you say it’ll have increased prizes?

Will there be a stream this week to preview the festive?

Seems unlikely, there wouldnt have been any reason to push the tower line so late into the season if a new tower wasnt coming with it. Last time they released it between tower levels, probably to give the whales something to build

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That’s my fault, thought they said tower levels.
You are probably right, my bad… but we will see lol

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Are there any changes in the works to this pvp event Gauntlet? Mostly regarding the pve island that pops up cause there is an odd number of teams in the event.

Also maybe add more hp to just the Gustav island to allow player to gain more points and not have to fight on teammates for them

straight up NO. They already had this event as a massive rss sink with high HP PvP islands, we dont need it increased again for pve islands. Just have your team set a no megas on pve islands rule. The respawns are short enough now that no one should be fighting for points.

This is the only negative I see about this event now. That island is pretty crappy in terms of points and basically guarantees that bottoms teams will be staying in the bottom with very little chance of getting out.
It should have realistic bases and give at least similar points per hit that a pvp island does.


I’ve seen the last 6 or so islands bubbled this event… just saying

I assume you mean on cooldown, not bubbled. Respawn for everything but Gustav is 1hr, Gustav is 2hrs and PvP is 3hrs. That’s plenty


I know what I said… but yeah

This is the reason why. The Gustav island is already a tad less then pvp points, that’s fine. But teams are having to keep killing the baby islands to get more points. Every island drops off 20 points about and it sucks hitting lower then even the Vampire island. So if ONLY Gustav island got more hp buff it would lower the attacks needed on the baby islands

Teams are getting this PVE island constantly and yeah it sucks. Especially getting it 5 times in a row halfway through the event. Now way of coming out of that hole