PGGalileo Office Hours (1/3-1/8)

i feel like all of this could be solved if all the lines had the same rss counts would also simplify life quite a bit and offer the most choices since none would gimp your progress. this would also put the ball firmly back in the designers court you want us to pick that line you better make it worth while which is what it should be. i think pg has gone too far down the rabbit hole with trying convoluted ways to influence our decisions when really all you needed to do was put out quality things with each line unfortunately i don’t think that’s been the case lately don’t get me wrong some dragons have been great but even including those everything feels like a re skin of some old spell some old mechanic nothing new really ever trickles in most of the spell re skins are because you don’t want runes and glyphs to stack which i get but those sells should have something else to warrant being a a “new” spell

I highly recommend the move “Sharknado”.

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Could a decrease in timers be PG’s solution for prolonged growth life? Less timers = more time required to level.


Do you prefer barracudas to sharks?

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Most sea predators are pretty frightening to me. Our bodies, my body especially, are not meant for rapid or facile waterborne movement. While I might stand a better (not a good) chance with… a bear, or lion, perhaps - I don’t even know what my approach would be in a water struggle.


I’ll hunt down what answers I can!


That would be very much appreciated, thank you. Hopefully they give you some actual information to tell us :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:t3: :crossed_fingers:t5:

That is my biggest issue, I dont like the timers being in the dragon line but I really hate not knowing and being able to make educated decisions.


Best musical?

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West Side Story is hard to beat! Although, I do love Les Miserables and Book of Mormon. Wait, maybe The Producers.


As soon as we put one toe back in the ocean we just lowered ourselves down on the food chain! :rofl:that’s a completely rational fear! Lmao

@PGGalileo Bro, we’re all adults here, or should be. Can’t you just say We at PG have to balance how much money we make? I mean come on. Clearly the reduction of timers in the Howie line coupled with the introduction of Draconic chest that are twice as much as gold chests, but riddled with timers, is a ploy for more money.

Well, that’s not what I wrote. But let me say this: I operate under the assumption that folks know this is a for-profit company and that we need to make money in order for the game to exist, so I don’t feel the need to surface it all the time. Also, can we please acknowledge the fact that “being an adult” does not mean you suddenly gain level-headed expectations :joy:

What I wrote HERE was that I didn’t know the answer to the question, but my guess was that the IN-GAME economic balance was being maintained through timers and other resources – and that comparing 5 sets of data points was not likely going to be a useful source of analysis for folks.

What I mean by in-game economic balance is that discrete resources hold different values, and that you can’t just compare timers to timers, because the resource ecosystem is more complicated than 1:1 comparisons. Like, sure you might get fewer timers one month, but you might get more of something else that helps you out in different ways. I wish I knew more about economics to expound upon this example, but I don’t :frowning:

What’s your favorite game?

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Here’s where he says war dragons or we sick chunk on him :+1:


What’s the best dinosaur?

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No, no you don’t
It’s a trap :sob:


The game I play the most is MLB: The Show, the games that I would call my favorites are: Civilization series, Cyberpunk (currently), Battlefield series, Final Fantasy series, annnnnd yeah - I guess those are what I would call my favorites.

I also enjoy 7 Days to Die, Galaga, The Last of Us 1 and 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Rimworld…

Games that were important to me growing up would be Super Mario Bros, Doom, Tetris, Mortal Kombat series, Pokemon Red and Blue, Kirby’s Dreamland, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, vanilla WoW, GoldenEye, GTA III, Halo, and Starfox 64. Maybe NFL Blitz, too.

And maybe my favorite game of all time is a little known game called Infantry, which I played competitively for some 10 years and I dearly miss it and the friends I made there :sob: – technically, Infantry was my first video game “job” - I was the head moderator of the competitive league.


I have one for you now. What’s the best type of alpaca? And you can’t say all of them. :eyes:

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I ate alpaca when I was in Peru :grimacing:

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The ones that are alive. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: