PGGalileo Office Hours (1/3-1/8)

Omg thank you. These walls of text make my eyes glaze over. :joy:

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Sharks are awesome. And they’re one of my biggest fears :frowning:


Are you offering any classes on debate, logic, and reasoning? Cause I’d be very interested after reading this. :eyes:

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Would you please ask that they try to give us a response about the electrum branch (a final one) before the 20% boost runs out so that we can make an informed choice that won’t hurt us/will hurt us less? As mentioned before in the thread, the 20% boost ends a day before the electrum branch is set to come out, so it stands to reason that they’ll be able to give us a response that at least allows us one day before the boost ends to use our sigils on Omiros is we so choose. Thanks!


This seems to be a bit of a problem in my opinion.

How does the economy team function if they don’t plan ahead? Governments as some of the least productive organizations in existence, still manage to create a budget for the full year. Does the economy team not plan what they’ll provide the player base with each season? As far as events, mini events and season lines that seems a bit important, I always thought there was just a lack of communication until the last minute, but a lot of what you’re saying makes it seem they don’t know either.


Have you seen the national debt in the US?


Didn’t say they do a good job, but they know what the budget is :man_shrugging:

I always felt safer swimming with the black tip reef sharks than I did with the dolphins even though the dolphins habitat was much larger!

The sharks on one hand may accidentally mistake you for food but they are marine scavengers opportunistic hunters at best versus a highly intelligent marine predator the dolphins are far more dangerous in the wild especially in areas where they have little contact with humans.
It’s not the sharks you should worry about it’s flipper lol

They are cute when well trained and so is a pet wolf but he’s still a wolf :smiling_imp:

Things are not often as they appear at a glance!
Try a shark encounter face your fear you may find they have something to teach you!
I was director of animal husbandry for a public aquarium and I raise rare and endangered coral and fish as a hobby when I’m not playing tactical games or flying dragons! :sunglasses:


@PGGalileo Do you have an answer yet?

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Some questions I know I (and perhaps others) would very much appreciate to find out some answers for before the boost period ends after next week

  • Why were the timers moved from the tower line to a dragon line with a time-limited boost and why was the number of timers reduced yet again after costs went up?
  • What changes are happening with the tower line? Particularly what kind of quantity of timers will it have
  • Will the tower line have any kind of boost on it?
  • What will happen to the Draconic chests once the winter festive comes out? Will the other drops be diluted by adding in another dragon resource on top of the Hueso shards?
  • Will the Festive have a resource boost again?

Other things

  • Will we see Assault or Dungeons this season?
  • Will there be a limited time branch that offers a winter key?

This post gave me a different perspective and personal opinion as to why PG has changed the electrum line as well as some other (Omiros’s :poop: line) lines we won’t dare mention. I appreciate your time spent on the comparison spreadsheet and the post. Great read!


What I don’t understand is: supposedly the argument for moving the “big” timer prizes from electrum branch to dragon branch is choice. Because somehow, limiting the timer prizes to the elctrum branch was taking choice away from players who wished for a dragon instead of electrum.

How is removing timers from the electrum branch in any way giving players more choice? Now players still have to choose between two branches, and some will have to get a dragon they DON’T want, where they would have preferred electrum.

Basically by moving the timers, PG is making an executive decision about which choice is the better one, not letting the players choose it for themselves.

Why can’t just both branches have good amounts of timers? I don’t understand the either/or philosophy. Let’s face it, many players don’t have the resources (sigils) to get both, most are going to choose either or, and with the current setup, some of those players are going to make what is percieved as a “forced” choice they didn’t want to make but felt forced into because of the timers.

So why not just have more timers in BOTH lines? Players who prefer a dragon can get a dragon, and loads of timers. Players who want more electrum can get that, and loads of timers. Spenders are going to get both because now the timers are appealing, so they will spend even more, and PG benefits. I don’t see how that isn’t a win-win-win.

It seems to me like often PG presents players with these kinds of decisions which often just plain isn’t necessary. Instead of being A BIT gracious and a BIT more generous to keep people happy, they try to cut and carve resources into certain paths, thinking it will get people to spend. I just don’t understand, it has never encouraged me to spend, only makes me more bitter at the company. But apparently my view is very narrow…


i feel like all of this could be solved if all the lines had the same rss counts would also simplify life quite a bit and offer the most choices since none would gimp your progress. this would also put the ball firmly back in the designers court you want us to pick that line you better make it worth while which is what it should be. i think pg has gone too far down the rabbit hole with trying convoluted ways to influence our decisions when really all you needed to do was put out quality things with each line unfortunately i don’t think that’s been the case lately don’t get me wrong some dragons have been great but even including those everything feels like a re skin of some old spell some old mechanic nothing new really ever trickles in most of the spell re skins are because you don’t want runes and glyphs to stack which i get but those sells should have something else to warrant being a a “new” spell

I highly recommend the move “Sharknado”.

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Could a decrease in timers be PG’s solution for prolonged growth life? Less timers = more time required to level.


Do you prefer barracudas to sharks?

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Most sea predators are pretty frightening to me. Our bodies, my body especially, are not meant for rapid or facile waterborne movement. While I might stand a better (not a good) chance with… a bear, or lion, perhaps - I don’t even know what my approach would be in a water struggle.


I’ll hunt down what answers I can!


That would be very much appreciated, thank you. Hopefully they give you some actual information to tell us :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:t3: :crossed_fingers:t5:

That is my biggest issue, I dont like the timers being in the dragon line but I really hate not knowing and being able to make educated decisions.


Best musical?

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