PGGalileo Office Hours (10/05-10/10)

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@PGGalileo Ticket number #2173259 hate to keep beating an old drum but today will make 1 week now and none of the three main issues that I reported to support since installing update 5.27 have not been resolved or are being close to resolved yet

  1. broken chats not loading or showing. I was told over 48 hours ago by a senior player support specialist named Nico that the engineers found a fix for the broken chats issue and were applying it to the accounts being affected and that the chat functions should go back to normal. Mine does not still load or show.

Then someone else named Alexander tells me the issue is still being investigated by the development team?

I don’t understand? One person tells me that a fix was found and will be applied to the accounts that have reported the chat issues then someone else tells me it’s still being investigated?

  1. I also reported being kicked out of attack and defense banners with message saying unable to join because of a server error

  2. my egg token missions remain broken and have not reset since fort started. They don’t give out egg tokens upon completion and they don’t reset also. They remain stuck still showing the old missions.

I keep being told that all 3 issues were reported and were being investigated and to keep being patient. But as each day goes by and there continues to be no resolutions to any of the problems that are making the game unplayable at the moment how much patience can someone be expected to have?! :sweat_smile:

At this point I’m feeling as if support hasn’t been able to help me at all. Is there anyone else or another department that I can turn or go to for help in regards to these matters?


@PGGalileo I am not sure how well this suggestion for atlas will be received, but I am going to ask anyway. Right now I am stuck trying to level up my prims because the cost for each level is so high that in order to earn enough gold (even with atlas elite) it would take at least 15 runs, maybe more to get enough gold to level one of them just one time. During prim/rider leveling, I cannot participate as much as I like because I do not have the time to do 30 runs a day to get enough gold for each prim to level once. I would like to suggest maybe a scaling amount of gold as players level up. This would help in a couple ways - 1. - It would help the team as a whole because persons would not need as much gold requested from the bank, which would help to level up infrastructure. 2. - It would help those players that are “trapped” (like myself) to participate in this particular event more effectively for the team. I am lucky my team leader and officers understand my situation and will not kick me because of it. I say “trapped” because all my riders are leveled and I am working on silver prims that require an enormous amount of gold to level up. I feel it is these little “nuances” that would help a player (and their team) have a more enjoyable prim/rider event. I am also suggesting that PG look into the amount of troops permanently lost vs how many can be trained in a day which seems out of balance as well. Silver prims lose more troops with less revive rates which seriously depletes troop supply, especially when a major attack happens on a castle. I am a member of a volunteer fire department and do not have the time each day to waste so many troops to earn a decent score in this event. When a castle attack occurs, I am stuck rebuilding those precious, permanently lost troops. My only other choice is to use the bronze prims and not participate in prim/rider event, which is sad because all those much needed timers are unavailable to me. This may be a bad suggestion, but I feel maybe it could be looked at to see if anything can be done. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this suggestion.

It looks like they are doing all they can. They are being responsive to you, so there’s not much more I can do - unfortunately, I can’t speed up the bug fix process through sheer will! If they stop responding to you, let me know.


This honestly sounds like more of a personal problem - the real limiting factor for most people in prim event is not having anything to level due to unavailability of new tiers, not gold.
The gold issue has several solutions, to name a few:

  1. Take it from the team bank, it’s there for a reason, and better prims help your team as a whole.
  2. Save gold packs for prim event.
  3. Find the time to do the runs.
  4. Pace yourself when leveling prims.
  5. Although I don’t recommend it, you can even use diamonds for gold.

Scaling the gold amount wouldn’t be as much of a solution as you think it would be imo - because that means the higher level players will have even more gold (many of which are on big teams that usually have full banks, and have nowhere to put their gold), so this just exacerbates the ‘banking’ issue faced at times, widens gaps between bigger and smaller teams, and devalues gold further. Gold is a lot more plentiful now than it used to be pre-elite.

This is only a problem if you still have infrastructure to level that you’re actively speeding up to start a new upgrade.
If that’s not the case, your second point won’t be much of a problem :slight_smile:

This is inaccurate - all prims lose 15k troops max. (Except fighters, I think those are still capped at 5k, can’t remember) And revives are also the same for all prims - they are determined based on flames in battles.
If anything, silver prims have higher stats than bronze ones (as long as you’re over those weird first few levels of S1 where their stats are weirdly below bronze before catching up), so you’ll most likely lose less troops using them. Ofcourse, this also purely depends on what you’re hitting, but I won’t get into glory mechanics here, feel free to hit me up though if you’re interested in knowing more :slight_smile:

P.S: Not meaning to put down your suggestion or anything, just trying to give an alternate perspective because the problems you speak of aren’t what the majority of people experience/have solutions that don’t require PG’s involvement. :slight_smile:


Primarch leveling has its own flaws. The big one being that you can run out of things to do to reliably get points. You get such a small amount from invader runs that it no where near makes up for the other ways. So once you max all your primachs and riders, you are SOL.

That being said, Fiery gave a lot of good points. Having been on a team for a long time where we had to ration the gold during leveling, it is hard to level your primarchs when the bank effectively runs dry. Having to keep a balance between letting players take gold, have enough for upkeeps, and for infrastructure upgrades is a balancing act. Sometimes it is all about the team and how well the team itself functions.

Now on a team where a good half of us get Atlas Elite at least every other week, we joke that we are trying to get Rapunzel to spin all that gold back into straw. We all bank what we can to use during this primarch event and we find we are maxing out infrastructures slower than we accumulate the gold. It still goes back to the team though. It is the fact that we have an active team doing 10+ invader runs a day, with elite, that we are so well off.

I, for one, would not know what to do if they increased the gold intake even more. They would need to give us another way to spend it or more diamonds to use for infrastructure expediting. I think I would prefer the diamonds.


@PGGalileo I had 2 very nice support staff named Pann and Maria that helped me to get my egg tokens missions not resetting fixed! :smiley: yay!! They took the time to ask me very specific questions about the issues I was having regarding the egg token missions not resetting and offered suggestions they actually fixed and solved the problem!! Give them both a raise!! :partying_face:

But my main issue that I had reported since installing update 5.27 was the broken/missing chats. It’s been over 24 hours now since I’ve last heard from anyone for my ticket #2173259 in regards to that issue. It’s now 1 week and the missing chat is still nor resolved for my account.

So 48 hours ago someone named Nico who said he was senior support player specialist said that the engineers found a fix for the missing chats issues and the fix would be applied to the accounts of those affected.

24 hours ago someone different named Alexander who said he was a senior support player specialist said the matter was still being investigated?! So I asked him that Nico told me there was a fix found by the engineers and it was going to be taken care of, but I got no reply from him.

So over the last 24 hours I asked for an update from both Nico and Alexander because I still have not seen my chat issue fixed yet. I was told it would be taken care of at the beginning of the week. but now it’s mid week and it’s still not fixed/resolved yet.

It’s been over 24 hours now since I’ve heard back from anyone and I’m still waiting for reply. If some other follow up could be assisted with on this it would be greatly appreciated :pray::slightly_smiling_face:


I saw this on Trello today:

So at least they’re working on it. :slight_smile:




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@PGGalileo Is there any update on this post from @henfon back on 1 July: Trappers: Why are they so bad at trapping?

In the thread, PGEggToken said it was an excellent post, but we haven’t heard anything more.

Thank you


The Atlas team is mostly focused on the Land Shuffle right now, but I can check to see if this ever made it past EggfaceKillah.



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@PGGalileo I’m not a tech engineer or coder but I have a question when it comes to fixing/trouble shooting issues that caused multiple problems for players?

When issues are encountered and there is a big mass of players affected by the same issues or problems and tickets are sent in, are the fixes for these things handled individually account by account or is there a mass fix for the issues that are put out once they are solved?

I’m asking because I know I’m not the only one that’s had massive issues since installing the new update 5.27 and I’m not the only one that has reported the broken/missing chats

I was told by support specialist Nico 5 days ago on October 4 that a fix had been found for the broken chats issues and the players accounts had been fixed and that mine would be fixed also.

Fast forward now to a October 8 and I’m told that my account still isn’t fixed yet and the “devs need to make sure they get it right”

Now honestly I don’t know what goes into something like this that’s why I’m asking the question how are these account “fixes” handled?

So if multiple players report the same issues is a mass fix sent out based on the types of device that they are using? Or is each players account looked at individually?

I’m asking because 5 days ago I was told that my account was going to be fixed and I’m still waiting 5 days later still with no clear resolution in sight

There’s inconsistency in what he tells me. In the conversation dated October 4, Nico says that the “fix for their accounts was found and they can play the game normally”, and that “the same fix would be applied to my account also”

Yet on October 8, Nico tells me that my account hasn’t been fixed yet “because the devs want to make sure that my account will be fixed for good after they apply the fix”

So I’m a bit confused? If the same fix is supposed to be applied to my account as Nico tells me in the October 4 conversation then I should be able to play the game normally right?

But how were they able to tell that those accounts that were supposedly “fixed” are operating normally?

How am I supposed to know if my account/game is “running normally” if I’m not even given a chance to see if the fix works?

Isn’t the purpose of a fix for me to also be able to see if the fix is working, my game is functioning normally, and then report if there are any problems that I encounter to let them know the fix is it isn’t working as intended?

Especially if I’m not even given a chance on my end to test/see with my own eyes my chats. If the same fix is supposed to be applied to my account then shouldn’t I also get to see it on my end if it works and then if I’m having issues report it back to support?

So sorry I remain confused about what the “devs want to make sure your account is fixed for good after they apply the fix” means? How much testing is needed?

Ticket number #2175239 :grimacing:


PG MUST BRING UP EXOTIC DRAGONS :dragon: as they already does with rune

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