PGGalileo Office Hours (10/11-10/15)

Hey gang, quick update - I am out Thurs/Friday this week (though I may check in here and there) and then I’ll return next week!

Please make sure to ping PGTimber if you need something :slight_smile:


Monopoly! That’s amazingly crafty :laughing::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::orange_heart:


@PGTimber @PGGalileo Hello, I would like to propose something; Currently you can only summon a golden primach if you have a castle, but that limitation has been useless since most of the teams that never wanted to have castles now have them, but they have the castles without guards or primach, and it is horrible to see how they steal. castles to inferior teams that if they want to have those castles and protect them, the worst thing is that some teams of these have up to 20 castles without guards or primach, and it must be frustrating for small teams to see how they rob their castles and then leave them abandoned, they are more and more abandoned castles, I think it doesn’t make much sense that there are more and more castles without primach or guards, and this can be corrected in one way: Gold Primach can only be summoned if teams have more than 10,000 guards and if it falls by below that amount, the team will not be able to summon Gold Primach.
With this measure the desired initial effect would be achieved, and the desire to conquer castles and preserve them would be recovered. The teams that never wanted to have castles will be able to continue without having castles, nobody forces them to have castles, it is clear that these teams do not want castles, if they wanted them they would protect them, but it is not like that, they do not make guards or leave primach to protect them and this It is due to the extent of owning a castle to be able to invoke the golden pirmach, it is not fair that a player who plays little gets the same rewards as a player who plays a lot, I believe that War Dragons should give each one what they deserve based on their merits or conditions, and if a team does not want to have castles they should not benefit from castle bonuses, such as the golden Primach, and gold bonuses on beasts, hats, etc.

fairness, who plays 8 hours, who gets 8 hours rewards and whoever plays 1 hour who gets 1 hour rewards, if they want castles or not, that should not matter, but it is not fair that those who do not want to have castles, get rewards of the castles: priamch of gold, gold in beasts and regeneration of hats, if they want to be without castles, perfect, but they should not benefit from rewards of those who own castles and fight to defend their castles

So everyone with super safe, deep castles should also not get rewards? Because they dont fight to defend those castles and most were probably given them by their mega alliances so they didnt earn them either.

Also paragraphs please, no one wants to read a wall of text.

I defend piracy, but real piracy. Piracy is a practice of organized looting or maritime banditry, probably as old as shipping itself. It consists of a private vessel or a mutinous state that attacks another in international waters or in places that are not subject to the jurisdiction of any state.
Can you imagine Blackbeard, one of the most famous pirates, climbing aboard British ships, maiming their crews and, after so much slaughter and looting, going to the British Empire for a delicacy?
the most succulent of delicacies and with the British kings? Well, in my opinion that is happening in War Dragons, who wants to understand, who understands, you cannot be a pirate and get the bonuses from someone who is not a pirate.

who have deep castles, have guards to attack them and if you go with your primach, they will defend them

The entire point of these safe castles is that no one ever reaches them, they dont have to defend them because they never get hit.

People claiming abandoned castles really isnt an issue. Though I do think you should have to have a maxed infrastructure and guards hired to receive the benefits of that castle. But there are tons of teams with castles that dont defend them amd just call in bigger teams to protect them

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Privateering is the result of placing restrictions on gold primes :man_shrugging:
And further restrictions will only make us use more aggressive tactics :+1::pirate_flag:
You can keep trying to tell us how to play and we will keep escalating offense and privateering will produce even more stable stagnation.

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We are now officially half way through the season. Is there any consideration of buffing the mythics this season? We have seen nothing commented at all from PG about it in the multiple topics we have. Most players, including end tier players are agreeing that these mythics are underpowered and all this bonus content (exotic runes, gear and spell riders) really make no difference to improve them.

The reaction to Gilas was almost instantaneous, he wasn’t even out for 2 weeks before he was getting nerfed yet there hasn’t been any word on the mythics yet. Is there any hope or should we all just accept that this is one of the most mediocre seasons we’ve ever had and

Also will unused Ascension Tokens be redeemable at the start of next season? There was some conflicting info during the original stream between what Gal/RDM said and what Nines said


Really good question. I’m also curious about this one




I take full credit for getting them to make that post
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Nockmare still needs a buff to his passive though, that’s one of his biggest issues. The breath speed increase doesn’t actually do much but needs to be built into all warriors from the start.


Doesn’t look like they said when it will go live though :thinking:

Maybe they’re pulling another Danav and it wont happen until next season :see_no_evil:

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It is already live. Got word of a game push right about the time the post went up. Grabbed the game files, changes are there, already sent to Morreion for Neon. He’ll wake up to them sitting in his inbox. :rofl:

Edit: I do hate typing into forums from my phone…


Hey Wait isn’t there a Blackbeard in War Dragons that is leader of a Pirate team?
You have a thread already open on this subject. Dude give it a rest!! Just like in your thread that you started, this isn’t a viable solution to the Gold Primarch restriction.
The only viable solution would be to remove the entire restriction itself.

There are many open threads and since I don’t know if @PGGalileo and @PGTimber see all the threads, I decided to put it here as well since many players think the same as me, only 15% of the players are against it, but it is logical, since they are pirates and they want the same rewards as players who spend more hours defending castles.

You spend your time defending stagnation and fear ……
I spend my time attacking that is your call….
Yes you choose to take the rewards defense provides!
I did not …….simple as that!

I hate to break it to you but your time is not any more valuable to the game than a pirates!

And on top of that I’d wager most pirates are more active than your play style because we don’t get the easy troops and fat bonuses you get from the castles the castles you cry about having to
So then we have to offset that by being even more active and participating even more :man_shrugging:

I seriously doubt the castles that are 3-4 bubbles deep that haven’t seen a attack in years are warranting any extra activity in fact your play style utilizes bots and meat shields which detract from participation and activity here!

So I say it’s your play style that is actually detrimental long term …….hence all the issues!!:point_left:

And if we check I’m pretty sure your percentages are wholly inaccurate because 15% is ridiculous considering every team on this map without a castle is a pirate by default!

So I’d suggest you take a look at the game and what your defensive play style is doing to it long term !!!
Yes the play style that pg provided for you !
Unbalanced engagement and a defensive short term objective produce revenue at the expense of player retention……

In fact id say it’s your play style and the castles you defend and the bots they produce that are responsible for all of our issues on the map :man_shrugging:

You want piracy to stop then rally for Pg to get rid of the detrimental castles that produced it !


@PGGalileo Have you a photo of Gilas’ reskin? I need to decide whether i want it or not

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