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Edit: nevermind, I thought you meant he did post it.

I will be posting Sepulla/Antonius info in the next couple of hours, I just have a couple of reports and meetings to finish up.


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Okay wait a minute, you can‘t use this post to prove your point.
I‘m in the be-more-transparent-camp as I already stated and I‘d still agree with @FozzieBear .
When you said the info isn‘t relevant to everyone, you argued for PG‘s definition which means only Antonius-owners should get the info early.
I think that almost every player would disagree here. Because there are Non-Antonius-owners with Atlas that can be affected. That was our point.
Obviously non-Atlas players have no business with Antonius. I absolutely agree that those players do not need this info but that‘s the only group of players I would exclude.

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If you read Zero’s follow up post, you’ll see that I assessed his argument accurately am responding directly to it. Your point may be different, but that’s why I wrote that to Zero and not you.

Alright all: Sepulla and Antonius Changes - Official Discussion Thread


During the first fort of last season you had said about looking into the glyphs that are being given out as event rewards, is that still something that’s going to happen? And if so any idea when?

I’ve come to expect that I won’t be able to use most of the mythic glyphs from personal achievements but was still pretty shocked to see invincibility this event. I’m sure sometimes there are some people that get the glyphs and benefit from them but can’t see how this glyph will benefit anyone actually getting it, hopefully I’m wrong.
Thank you for any information you can give.

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More rage glyphs with ammo secondary please! Or ammo glyph! Or so many other stuff that are useful that the GPF can help list! :smiley:


The Glyph reward system is actually based on an RNG – so invincibility came up this time around. I brought that to the team’s attention and they thought we should stick with the random aspect. I’ll be fighting to make sure the Glyphs are actually usable henceforth.


Random runes being selected for the event is fine. The issue is that some of those random runes are for spells that dragons no longer have (no dragon has had invincibility shield for eons) or for towers that haven’t been used since level 100 (ballista as, archers, trebuchets, and cannons).


Tell that last part to fiery


Could perhaps a few of the completely useless glyphs be removed from the RNG pool?


Totally agree. Yes, this is the recommendation that I will be making going forward.


Excellent. So if they could take everything out other than Rage and flak hp glyphs and then add in hunter ammo, invoker atk and hp, and lightning striker glyphs and forget to put the other stuff back in, then that would be a fantastic bucket. Best bucket ever :joy: :heart_eyes:


Please convey to the appropriate party that I think it is absolutely amazing that I can trade excess black pearls for elemental embers in the trading post this week!

I have a bunch of ice and fire shards I’m looking to part with too if you know anyone interested. :eyes:


Can you make the trade from pearl to ember unlimited lol
I need to throw away few hundred k pearl


Don’t nerf pearl drop please lol
I don’t want anyone suffering the same fate as i use to, taking 6 months to get the perch to lv 30
I currently need more ember than pearl that’s all


Could there also be something done about the same glyph coming up to soon in the rotation? Perhaps after a glyph is picked it is taken out of the “bucket” for a while if not until the rest have been picked?
Also can we please be updated when you hear something?
Thanks again


Just a reminder that we’re waiting to hear back about

  • Changes for Sepulla’s runes since Ashes 2 Ashes no longer has a cooldown

  • Any update on the Team Gauntlet pvp island HP for Sapphire and Diamond leagues

  • News on when to expect the atlas shuffle to happen, atleast if there’s still the possibility of it in Nov or for sure pushed until the new year

  • Update on the tower range glitch being fixed

  • News on new primarchs in atlas for players who have no way to earn points in the primarch events

Any info on any of these would be appreciated


Hi Galileo, I have one question, if you can answer on it of course.
I wanted to know if it be an another exotic rune/glyph until of and of this season
Thank you

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