PGGalileo Office Hours (11/23-11/28)

Office Hours - when I’m specifically on the forums
11a-11:30am PST Mon/Weds (when available)
4pm-4:30pm PST Tues/Thurs (when available)

Note: Hi all! I was forced to take Monday (today) off because I work too much :joy: - but I’ll be back on Tuesday and Wednesday in mostly limited capacities due to the American holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s a slow week in the office. I will however be attempting to do a live stream with Lawson and Rdm on Wednesday. The internet situation at my new place is still a bit dodgy, so if the live stream starts malfunctioning - I’ll put the deck up and we’ll do an AMA in the forum.

This thread will allow me to come in and focus on forum stuff. Before you ask questions, you might find this FAQ about me helpful! also the Code of Conduct is useful, too!

You’re all welcome to join me in this thread and have fun, or ask serious questions!

Basically, it will function as an AMA. I’ll do these whenever I can, but if someone schedules a meeting or something, I’ll have to take that.

I’m also still around outside of these times, but this is when I will focus on the forums instead of hopping in and out like I normally do.


Really looking forward to the stream and seeing the spells. I know a lot of people, including myself, are holding off on last minute fall and atlas plans waiting to see how these mythics look. Hopefully they’re both good and hopefully everything works out with the stream :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


There you are!

If I may, this is a summary of what basically went down in the forums last weekend while you’re away:

Tag(s). You’re it.


I see them :skull_and_crossbones:


Is there going to be another resurrection branch next season or was that just for SoulDance?

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We will have another one.


Is there anyone about in the somewhat slender team that could provide you with a slide on the new season structure (sigil costs, expected branches, etc) please? It will answer a lot of the questions that will be posed Toyota and the dragon guys I’m sure :+1: Thanks in advance

Any updaye about key redemption branch? Will it be there in upcoming seaoson with main branches? Of yes, then what are the prizes?
I think ,Chunkileo can reveal it before the stream arent u ? :smirk::smirk:

Will it be like this one where we vote on dragons to be resurrected? I’m assuming it will be, but wouldn’t hurt to confirm it.


Don’t worry about your WiFi, I’m used to watching @Taco streams.
Whether it is in 5 minute segments, or runs perfectly the whole way we will watch you like how dogs watch you when you’re eating food.


We’re getting a new tier next season right?

Most likely, unless PG changes the rate at which they are released-something they’ve talked about before


Ok so if there is another tier coming out next season can we have another guessing game?

A few days prior to release they may offer up some clues.


Any info on this? Is it exactly the same as the equestor branch or has there been any updates? Is the dragon being updated as a compromise between those that earned it and those that missed out?

You’ll have to wait and see!


Tier 18 will be coming out in Early Feb!


I will be creating the slide deck for tomorrow’s stream today, but I won’t release that deck until after the stream tomorrow. Gotta entice you all somehow :joy:


:pensive: What happened to the idea of slowing down the amount of time between tier releases to allow for players to catch up?