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Hey Galileo! I have a question, is it possible for PG to disable giving people dragon quests that requires dragons they don’t own? I keep getting Omiros and sometimes even Hueso missions(shouldn’t they have gone by the middle of Eclipse?)

Also, Sometimes I get duplicate missions for divines(double Nebulon typically), one of which would just sit there empty until the other is done. Is it possible to disable this also?


Are we getting a necryx post today, tomorrow, or Wednesday?

I am looking into it!


Yep, should be up tomorrow.

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Welcome to the thread, High Priest.


For our Lord and Saviour Chunk, and His Holy Lumber!!!


When divine missions come up I would rather let those missions sit and wait until the dragon is free since it could be a gold chest rather than have an xp potion pop up.

Personally I don’t have any issues with the rotation. Hueso shouldn’t be showing up for you at this point though. I haven’t seen that since shortly after winder season started.


Yessss this is the worst (when it comes to dragon quests). It especially sucks if you get double or triple quests for a dragon you don’t have.

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How would u described the new event is like?
How does it work

Well Hueso can still be obtained so I see no issue with that, though it has been about 2 months since I’ve seen one for Hueso.

Im just tired of getting ones for Ikaros when I claimed Quasar


I wouldn’t mind if out of the 3 quests (similar to the egg balloon):

  • 1 was an xp potion that I could always earn
  • 1 was something else that required me to have specific lineage dragons
  • 1 was something special that required a special dragon I might not have

What is frustrating is when all 3 REPEATEDLY require divine dragons that I neither have nor can obtain.

At this point, I am able to do 1 out of every 6 quests.

OR…similar to egg balloon maybe players can trade in eggs or rubies to open up more exotic missions that require seasonals

At my level, being able to use my lineage dragons to earn xp potions in preparation for big breeding pushes is invaluable


What will the new tower levels for fort go to? 120?

But it’s not in the game file yet

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The event currently says it ends in 2hrs 37min and the pvp island says the next one is in 2hrs 36 min. Is there going to be a last pvp island for 1-2 minutes?

Do you know which teams will be added to atlas? Is there any list :sweat_smile: thank you

Hey Gal, any idea if there has been any conversation about tweeting Sorath’Rim yet? Everything I’ve seen indicates that his damage output is a bit low and his healing may as well not even be there it’s so little.

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