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Are there any updates for this upcoming Temple Raid regarding the Guardian Grind?


@PGGalileo just a quick suggestion; would you all ever think about putting the total costs of the season branches above all of the prizes? Some people love to plan a lot before and throughout the season, and having a quick and easily-accessible reference to do said math would be of great assistance.

I’ll check, I haven’t heard anything just yet.

Edit: looks like we weren’t able to knock it out by the end of April - thinking it might be more like May or June now.


Serious question :eyes: let’s say you have to go into someone’s house and take 1 object that only slightly inconveniences them what would it be and why


He better say the dodo plushies from PG HQ :eyes:


Toilet paper.

You usually don’t notice until it’s too late.

But if I really wanted to ruin someone’s morning, their router/modem.


I like the way you think :relieved: 10/10 answer


Car keys

…because I’m evil :smiling_imp:

(But I’d leave them on the floor by the front door because I’m not THAT evil)


Car keys is a good answer depending on where the person lives! I don’t have car keys :smiley:


Take the vowels, the N, R, S and T buttons from their keyboards and then rearrange the remaining keys


Our favorite prank at the office, take a small piece of scotch tape and cover the laser over their mouse OR just disconnect their Ethernet cable at the back of their computer so it sits in the port but isn’t locked in to get connection.


I won’t take anything away but simply leave something behind
Plug then broken end of a headphone jack into the TV and watch the madness unfold when they have no idea why no sound was made


Hot water heater circuit breaker or the temperature control knob (and obviously turning it all the way down)

Was thinking main circuit breaker but you said “slightly” lol

Pull the disconnect key on their A/C in the middle of the night :man_shrugging:
Turn off the water meter and pad lock it :lock:
Drop a softball in the sewer clean out for their house and the fill it with expansion foam and shove the whole thing as deep under their house as possible and then repeat the process and pushing another soft ball towards the street as far as possible! :rofl:
A 10 foot piece of pvc pipe works well for this step.
Oh and dont be shy with the expansion foam they sell it in four packs for a reason! :rofl:
And that’s just the first visit :smiling_imp:
Oh don’t forget to replace the clean out lid :rofl:

Yall act like you never lived the life where you snuck into public bathrooms to steal toilet paper to avoid having to buy it. Wtf kind of mild inconvenience is taking toilet paper from someone like that?

What Galileo doesn’t want us to know is that this Friday through next Monday he will be in Miami getting his Spring Breakers on.


smear just enough superglue around the center of one of their electronic screen to make it slightly blurry, but large enough and distinct enough to notice. It is torture for me when something’s smeared on the screen and I’m too lazy to get it off

Everyone needs some recycled trees in their lives!


When will we see the shadow of the week 6 dragon?

Assuming you mean the stream, they usually host streams for dragons the week before they release. However, there was no stream for the wave 2 dragon last season, presumably due to the fact Christmas just ending. If there is nothing going on this season, the stream should be in week 5.