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Hi there is a bug that makes the towers remained on the island normally taken by a helper

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Can you spell that out a little for me? What’s going on?

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do you have any previews on the structure of the tower branches?

I don’t, but I’m not sure if we normally release those anyway. I’m sure I can find one.


Why thank you :triumph:


When attacking bases in the crystal caves event, sometimes towers are left with 1% HP that cannot be killed


Oh gotcha, ok - I’ll see what that’s about.

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Normally we don’t get a preview of the branches themselves, but we do get total cost at the season start.

I think the main interesting point is whether the charges needed for the orrery will be in a separate branch again or not. It kind of changes for people whether they want to save 37k sigils or 52k sigils for the boosted period (or in general), which also affects what people can spend in lines like Jjin.


When the helper takes all the towers but left only the main island, and fly for the attacker to use IF etc. There are buildings that normally are taken by the helper and invisible to him, but attacker sees those towers. During the attack if as the helper if you wait till the end of the attack, it locks at the end screen, dragon stays at the top of the main island and you need to refresh the game. If the helper doesn’t change at the end and finish the island 100% then the attacker’s phone is locked and he needs to refresh the game.


Yeah, it would be good to know if a full 37k orrery branch or 15k branch is coming out and then the 37k branch still comes out next week after fort is over. Is there still a line coming out week 8?

Could we also get an explination of how the special transformation of the orrery will work? Will it

  • only be for the duration of Fort?
  • What make it special, will it be no levels lost for the transformation such as 120 orrery turns into a 120 earth flak or ice turret? Will levels be gained for a lower value tower like Orrery → Mage tower? Will it only be orrery into another tower or can an earth flak be turned into an orrery during this time?
  • Is it only transformations or could I merge a low level orrery into another tower?

Are you all moved in now?
You have Fridays off?
Dogs vs cats?
If you had to run from a your burning home and could only bring one thing outside with you to save it [size and weight does not matter, adrenaline gives you the ability to carry whatever you want], what would it be?
Can you hold your foot over your head?
Why is “can” not considered a question word like who, what, when, where, why, and how?


Moved in but not unpacked
Guitar (assuming phone and wallet were already on me)
Can doesn’t stand on its own like the rest of the questions, try answering “Can?” in context - it doesn’t work - whereas with the rest of the questions, you can answer them.
A list of answers.


Tower branch: 37K Sigils for regular branch with a last node that allows players to get 100,000 Electrum (1000 electrums per use of the node for 200 sigils, 100 uses allowed)

We also have the Cosmic Orrery Short Branch which is 15K Sigils in total cost and contains Cosmic Charges, similar to last season.

Both these branches will come out together this week.


any loaded with gold chests??

So tower branches will be out for the fort event?

Edit: sorry been looking for the answer and bouncing between answers and posts :woman_facepalming:t2: conflicting responses have me worried there’s been an error. Don’t want to get my hopes up with out confirmation

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This gives the impression that the CO branch comes out this week with the fort event. Did he mispeak?

Edit: Or maybe my brain misread :thinking:

Edit 2: :see_no_evil: lol I actually misread your comment. Thought it said next week but it says this.

Ignore me. You can go back to unpacking :wink:


Yay, thank you and my thanks to whomever decided to move up the release so it worked with fort

Will both the orrery and tower line still have the 20% resource boost for 2 weeks? Do you happen to know if that repeatable electrum note at the end of the 37k line is the only major change made to the line? (basically same number of timers and gold chests in it)


You’ve said week 8 and no changes repeatedly - has there been a change? (note, this fort is week … 7).

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Hopefully they just extend the boost period one week and then all will be the same

@PGGalileo Do you know if the boost is being extended so it still ends on week 9?

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