PGGalileo Office Hours (4/5-4/9)

Office Hours - when I’m specifically on the forums
11a-11:30am ET Mon/Weds (when available)
4pm-4:30pm ET Tues/Thurs (when available)

NOTE: Hello Dragon Lords! I will be returning next week and I have a lot to catch up on, so apologies if I respond a little slow to things. I had an emergency to take care of and thus haven’t been able to keep up at all this past week. I will most likely be out next Friday, too. I will also be working from the EASTERN time zone next week, so my hours will be slightly different than normal.

See you soon, nerds!

This thread will allow me to come in and focus on forum stuff. Before you ask questions, you might find this FAQ about me helpful! also the Code of Conduct is useful, too!

You’re all welcome to join me in this thread and have fun, or ask serious questions!

Basically, it will function as an AMA. I’ll do these whenever I can, but if someone schedules a meeting or something, I’ll have to take that.

I’m also still around outside of these times, but this is when I will focus on the forums instead of hopping in and out like I normally do. War Dragons. Please make sure to abide by our Posting Guidelines and stay on topic!


Hope everything is ok with you, we’ve missed pestering you :heart_eyes: Stay safe Gal

Do you happen to know if there are plans to release the Wave 2 slide deck before Monday? I asked DragonPunch but we never heard back if a decision was made.


I hope all is well Gal, glad we didn’t chase you off. :wink:


You coming to visit!


He never answered my question either :frowning:


Hope all is well, Gal.

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Probably not before Monday, unfortunately.



Well poo :pleading_face:

You can just send it to me right now or tell DragonPunch to, I’ll post it for you
:grin: :grin: :grin:
Anything to help you out :blue_heart:


I just asked if DP was Junior Community Manager but I was ignored :cry:


Following on from this. The Orrery changes; do you think an update on them, if any, may be prt of that slide pack or should it be expected closer to week 8 (if tower branch will remain being released outside of a fort event)?

Well DragonPunch said they’re going to be testing things this weekend and evaluating next week, so probably not realistic for the deck to have that info by Monday or Tuesday

DP is the Senior Support Manager! So we’re on the same team at Pocket Gems called Player Experience, and he handles Support and I handle Community. He has also been at Pocket Gems for a very long time, so if anyone is junior between us two, it’s me :stuck_out_tongue:


Understood and also read that. Considering it is a hot topic, I thought it worth the mention now to get it addressed and out of the way sooner.

He can have two titles, not just one; Senior Support and Junior Community!




Can we have more detail of the invoker please like cooldown and such for his spell
Cause the post information is incredibly vague

Who’s DP? I don’t know crap :joy:


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