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11a-11:30am Weds (when available)
4pm-4:30pm Friday (when available)

You’re all welcome to join him in this thread and have fun, or ask serious questions! That said, before you ask questions, you might find his FAQ useful!

@PGGalileo will also still be around outside of these times, but this is when he will focus on the forums instead of hopping in and out like he normally does.

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(Yes I copied and pasted this from Timber’s post, but I’m going to leave my name in there for posterity.)


Why is PGGalileo speaking about PGGalileo so much in the 3rd person, PGGalileo?
PGGalileo is tagging PGGalileo an awful lot

Anyway, Im still waiting to hear why PGGalileo’s favorite kind of donut is

Also whatever happened with that Temple Raid update?


Do we have any information on the next atlas rider


I believe it was leaked that they will bond to a dragon and have some sort of boosts :scream:

I’d guess the new season post will happen tomorrow and Im assuming the lady on the loading screens is our upcoming rider


Yeah he must be AcCouNt sHaRiNg



If you have any pearls, now would be the time to clutch them


@PGGalileo @PGTimber
I have a suggestion,.but didn’t want to create a whole new topic on it and have to read a load of toxicity.

How about for live streams, have a member of GPF on them as well. Could change each stream so every member that wants to participate, can.

The main reason being, they can answer a lot of questions that you can not. This seasons stream there was a few unanswered questions and a few incorrectly answered ones.

Not a dig at you, as you have stated numerous times that you do not “play”. Whereas GPF are generally extremely active and test the dragons to their entirety as well. Edit: this will also reduce your workload a bit as you don’t have to find out the answers to things you dint know and help alleviate some player frustration by having to wait on answers.

I also think it would be fun to see the ones testing for us on a stream as well.


GPF honestly don’t get a ton of info from what I can tell. They get their stuff from PG, so if PG doesn’t know it neither will GPF.
But, if taco eve joined a stream I can bully them more so… win

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How DARE you!


I like this idea and I can pitch it to the GPF. They do typically answer questions in the stream, but I also have to find a GPF member comfortable with appearing on stream :slight_smile: - so far the only faction member that has ever appeared is Laika - who is in the CF.

Regarding this season’s stream - what questions went unanswered?


Can they though? Because they’re pretty restricted by their NDA and at the point of a stream really all the info they have probably is blocked by that NDA


They can be attached to electrodes that will zap them if they’re about to say something that violates the NDA!


Why was this the first thing that came to mind…


This is mostly correct, however, they can give their opinions about how dragons fly, etc.

Generally, if anything is incorrect info-wise there are a few reasons for that:

  • The info was changed after the season deck was prepared
  • The info was changed while the livestream was happening (this happens!)
  • There was an inappropriately maintained info document

None of those things would really be able to be corrected by GPF members because those are issues with internal communication/documentation/processes. Although they may be aware of spell parameter issues being written incorrectly.

Just to give people an idea about how stream and blog info comes to be - there are a few different teams that are working on designing the game - including the parameters, season structure, economy, dragon spells, riders info, art, QA, backend tech, events - and they all keep things updated in various places. I go to those places after asking everyone if the info is updated - and pull that data for the blog and livestreams.

That data collection/content creation happens at timestamp X, and I do that usually a week or so ahead of time. Now - things are not always done by the time I gather information - so I often have to double and triple check with all of those teams to make sure the data is accurate, and even then sometimes things are still changing - so depending on who I ask, I might be told I’m grabbing up-to-date information but the person informing me isn’t aware of an incoming change - it’s pretty complicated :slight_smile: especially since we’re not all in the same place (COVID protocol).


Off the top of my head, i cant honestly remember. Then again i can’t remember what i had for breakfast.

It wasn’t anything major, a few questions about the dragons. I think one was about the cd on the hunters cloak starting before or after damage boost ended? Just questions like that.

Which is why i thought of GPF being perfect to be on the stream. Edit: and yeah, what you posted above about how dragons fly would be awesome to hear from those members.


Galileo I still need some answers regarding the new atlas season rider
We usually get info like a week in advance but now it’s just like a day before


Red, Lutrus, and a CF were on stream before :smiley:


I’ll answer what I can.


What are her stats? What boosts does she give? Does she prefer Chinese or Italian food?

Also tell PGNines that Kinnarix’s runes need to be changed to sorcerer HP because attack boosts on a sorcerer are dumb… I mean pointless and ineffective.