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If the festive dragon is indeed coming out next week will there be a preview stream for it this week?

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Why does it seem like the orrery shields the whole flipping island?
The rage prevention was too much but a very expansive shield wasn’t?

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It’s exactly the same size as the other two shielding towers :man_shrugging:


I swear though the storm shields an island of five. The Oreo shields like 8.

For example:
I just ran a base in atlas.

Front porch had an earth flak.
Back porch had an Oreo.

Even though i death gazed the earth flak, it still stood because the Oreo had a double shield.

So, double defended, there’s just no way I’m
winning any of these battles, because I can’t get to the Oreo behind the front porch and even when I take out the earth, it’s somehow also shielded.

They shield nearby towers. Depending on placements, it can be 4+

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I agree that Orrery tower seems to shield at a greater distance…I have seen 7-8 towers shielded before…but i have never seen an orrery or any other shielding tower drop a shield on another shielding tower.

Invincibility shield towers can’t shield other towers, ice turrets can though. The orrery does have a greater range than the Earth flak which is the main reason it shields more towers I think.


Longer activation range, same shield radius.
Therefore, it shields faster, not wider (assuming the same placement)


@PGGalileo is it possible to increase gold quantity shipped to a teammate? We can send over 500k lumber and food but only less than 230k gold.
If we want to help a teammate it would be wonderful.
If we use the Atlas bank, we cannot choose from what account made the donation… (This change would be awesome


Atlas suggestion, hopefully correct in Gals preferred format.

Problem: For newer players to “catch up” with mythic gear, it takes far too long. One set of each element takes 10 seasons (2.5 years).

Solution: Keep the same format but double everything. Costs and rewards (gear only, not buffs and rider).

Positives: Allows players to collect a full mythic attack and/or defence set to aid “catch up”. Increase atlas activity. Increase revenue.

Negatives: None that i can see. Whales may complete everything, but wouldn’t get them further ahead as would just be getting repeat element sets.


The range just determines how early it triggers.

If you look at the supershot descriptions on Neon, the text is hand written so it could have errors, but the numbers are pulled from the game files. All three shields have the same radius 37.


Thank you :hugs:

Possible you might’ve hit another tower accidentally that was shielded. Otherwise not sure what happened here

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Or shot too early/missed.

Perfect formatting! I’ll send it over to the team.


I’ve personally been super impressed and grateful with some of the recent changes based on player feedback and the Community ideas threads, are you planning to continue to do these every 6 months or so for the foreseeable future? That’d be great if you do!


This loses the value of mythic gear to those who have been playing so hard to get the exclusive sets .

I agree there should a catch up mechanic on mythic gear for low levels but not this .

How? Mythic gear has been out for a few years now, the half set per season cycle is outdated and people have gotten plenty of “exclusivity” out of it over that time. Being able to get a full set in one season doesn’t suddenly make it so everyone can easily get it.
The current structure discourages activity if you don’t need yet another defensive set and I personally would much rather finish the set I want while the dragon I want to put it on is still relevant


Unless every player has a set of each element completed which I doubt the gear is still exclusive to some . It limits you somehow .

Not every player has a full elite set either, does that mean it was wrong to allow it to be forged?
Something that has been around for more that two years doesn’t need to stay the same as it always has. It doesn’t matter if in the past you needed to wait two seasons to finish 1 set. As I said, the half set cycle is outdated and it would require the same amount of work as if you did 1 half set of offensive and a half set of defensive

Getting 1 full set in a season requires more work than getting 1 full set between 2 seasons so it doesnt decrease the value of the work put into it in the past.