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Can we have the new tower info slide
We supposed to get it during stream last Friday but it got cancelled


@PGTimber Thanks for the update. I haven’t made a huge effort to meet the new blood around here. I’ll take responsibility for that. Nice to meet you, I’m Lx.


At this point I wouldn’t even trust PG when they say their going to have a stream

I second Dream’s request. We need to see the new tower already. Or let the CF release the info for us


We did have the stream, but keep in mind that they are working much more difficultly now with the restrictions of COVID. There may be flaws, but with the current flow of things in the real world, that should be expected.

How many days of timers will there be in the tower branch?

No, the stream on Friday was cancelled. Hence the frustration. I set a timer for it to be home from shopping (but life intervened). Got home and was 20 mins late by the time I got groceries put away (frozen stuff), logged into Twitch to nothing. Came to the forum and read ‘oh yeah sorry stream cancelled’. I wasn’t online when Galileo posted it since I was at the store, so no warning for me. Which was fine, I didn’t take it badly. Just ‘ok good, I didn’t miss it but darn was looking forward to it even if I was late I could watch the recording’.

As for the whole restrictions of covid thing, I must admit this is getting old. I understand the “restrictions of covid” but at some point it starts to feel more like an excuse than reality. Sure, they don’t have a full streaming setup and room with green screen, but Galileo has shown to be able to do streams just as well without it. It doesn’t have to be super professional where they are all sitting in front of a green screen. They have shown to be able to work remotely using technology to communicate and obviously have meetings, even put out new content etc while all work from home. So while this was true getting used to the situation this time last year, it is now over a year of working remotely. It is starting to feel more like an excuse that has been way over used.

Oh and by the way:

California is back open. Which means PG should be returning to the office this week, if they didn’t last week. Unless they did what my company did and closed their office permanently. (Our office was the smallest in the country with only about 100 people actively going to work every day at most. About another 200+ of us were already full time work at home.)

This is coming from someone who has a job that has allowed me to work full time at home, with company paid internet and equipment, for the past 6 years. I accepted the “newness” of having to work full time from home as an oddity and having to readjust. My first year work from home full time did get odd I agree. It has been more than a year, it is not an oddity anymore. You either have adapted or you haven’t.


Timber can you confirm that we are besties?:dancing_women:


It’s pg. can they adapt to anything?

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Only new tower not tower levels correct?

That’s correct, assuming the pattern continues (which it has).

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We still need information on

  • What the new tower is and what it costs (which resources)
  • What Training Camp is
  • When the Cosmic Orrery is going to be transformable (other towers turning into an orrery)

Any of this info would be appreciated


Am patiently waiting too :slightly_smiling_face::popcorn:


@PGGalileo @PGTimber Is there a time when the blog post about the new tower will be published. I’m tired of updating the forum, the WD blog page, the WD tracker website, and the WD Facebook page every 5 minutes


When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves, when your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then the information will be released, and not before

Im like 55% expecting them to tell us that the tower isn’t ready and the line is being pushed until week 10 because of the holiday


Trying again for a response:

With respect to the new tower, previously, when a new tower was introduced using the full electrum/tower branch (so not discussing the shorter CO line), the branch provided both enough timers and resources (electrum) to build one tower. Since the advent of the pylon, the tower branch economics have changed such that players must now choose between timers and resources for a number of the prizes, meaning a player could not build a max new tower utilizing the current prize structure. Can you please confirm whether the tower branch economics will revert back for this new tower release so that there will be enough of both timers and resources max build the new tower?


Correct me if I’m wrong please, but I also think there was more gold chests first time

I think they expected more spending by making us chose between timers and electrum, and I dont think that was a right idea

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The first tower line, the Crystal Howitzer, was released during spring of 2020.

For the full line, you got 184,050 electrum, 2,336 12h timers, and 183 gold chests.

The line this past spring was, 91,450, 1710 12h timers, and 215 gold chests assuming you took gold chests first, then timers, then electrum for any choose your own nodes. Also not counting the repeatable node at the end of the branch.


Correct. And if I recall correctly, the electrum amount given was more than needed at the time to get to max because it also gave enough to reach the upcoming tower level increase as well.

Atm, a new electrum based tower (Howi/pylon) need 210,038 electrum to reach level 125. So if the branch stays in its current configuration, selecting GCs and timers, as most do, will mean getting less than half the electrum needed. Even worse, if you only selected electrum (thus missing out on timers and GCs), you’d still only get 185,550 electrum, so still not enough to max the new tower.