PGGalileo Office Hours (7/5-7/9)

Am patiently waiting too :slightly_smiling_face::popcorn:


@PGGalileo @PGTimber Is there a time when the blog post about the new tower will be published. I’m tired of updating the forum, the WD blog page, the WD tracker website, and the WD Facebook page every 5 minutes


When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves, when your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then the information will be released, and not before

Im like 55% expecting them to tell us that the tower isn’t ready and the line is being pushed until week 10 because of the holiday


Trying again for a response:

With respect to the new tower, previously, when a new tower was introduced using the full electrum/tower branch (so not discussing the shorter CO line), the branch provided both enough timers and resources (electrum) to build one tower. Since the advent of the pylon, the tower branch economics have changed such that players must now choose between timers and resources for a number of the prizes, meaning a player could not build a max new tower utilizing the current prize structure. Can you please confirm whether the tower branch economics will revert back for this new tower release so that there will be enough of both timers and resources max build the new tower?


Correct me if I’m wrong please, but I also think there was more gold chests first time

I think they expected more spending by making us chose between timers and electrum, and I dont think that was a right idea

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The first tower line, the Crystal Howitzer, was released during spring of 2020.

For the full line, you got 184,050 electrum, 2,336 12h timers, and 183 gold chests.

The line this past spring was, 91,450, 1710 12h timers, and 215 gold chests assuming you took gold chests first, then timers, then electrum for any choose your own nodes. Also not counting the repeatable node at the end of the branch.


Correct. And if I recall correctly, the electrum amount given was more than needed at the time to get to max because it also gave enough to reach the upcoming tower level increase as well.

Atm, a new electrum based tower (Howi/pylon) need 210,038 electrum to reach level 125. So if the branch stays in its current configuration, selecting GCs and timers, as most do, will mean getting less than half the electrum needed. Even worse, if you only selected electrum (thus missing out on timers and GCs), you’d still only get 185,550 electrum, so still not enough to max the new tower.


Wasn’t the very first line half off as well :eyes:


It was slightly cheaper though, 34500 sigils.

Damn for some reason o could have sworn it was lol

And don’t forget, the tower branches are the only way we can get electrum bars. :woman_shrugging:
We don’t get them anywhere else, and now have 3 different types of towers that use them. Unless they change things we will have to choose between getting the new tower to max or keeping up with the ones we have now. The fort after this one will see towers going up 2 more lvls……

And then three the following event which all have to be upgraded from resources from this tower line, depending on players stash.

Yes….and no news about the new tower to be able to plan for anything.

To be fair, this isn’t during his office hours

Yes, but this question was presented during last week’s office hours.

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I would love it if we could start getting information on things the week before but understand that things change and maybe that’s just not possible anymore for one reason or another. It would be nice though to still get some information about new things like towers before they show up in game. Perhaps if a week prior isn’t possible anymore they could put something out the Monday or even Tuesday before the release. It wouldn’t even necessarily have to be pg that put it together, they could just give info to the player factions for them to release.

For a lot of the players I talk to, other then all the wonderful people that you meet, we play the game because it takes so much strategy and planning. I was always looking for the latest info as soon as it would come out and then relaying and discussing it with my teammates and friends. I actually find myself coming to the forums less and less anymore because there’s not as much info being released about the game.

Again I realize that things change and don’t expect them to just go back to exactly the way they were, but I do think players would greatly appreciate if we could still get some info beforehand.
Even if it has to come with a big disclaimer that all info might change, at least it gives us an idea of the direction you’re thinking of going and gives us something to discuss.


Or PG starts to plan their dev time around media release dates. I understand that there are last minute changes, but if the dev deadline was last week, those last minute changes would be done.

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The problem is, people would still use that info to plan, and then get mad if it changes - it’s happened before

I’m not saying we shouldn’t get announcements before releases, I just think that PG can’t win either way


They have very fluid deadlines from what I’ve seen. Maybe nature of the business. I’m certainly used to marketing and communication driving a lot more of what happens in the background than what I have seen with PG. :woman_shrugging:

I totally get what you are saying. I was even one of the people who got upset when the element change happened with noctarn because I am very much a planner (nerd) lol. I didn’t flip out like some people did but I was very disappointed because for me it changed the way I could plan and prepare.

Fact is though that things can change even after they are released into the game, so really anyone that’s planning anything too specific based on anything released or not could possibly be disappointed.

Another fact is some people are just negative no matter what lol
And I even get it to a certain degree because a lot of us invest insane amounts of our time on this game. Heck even when we aren’t in game a lot of us still have it in the back of our minds lol. However at the end of the day it is a game and we should be trying to enjoy it with our friends and have fun. Unfortunately there’s also always going to be people that get upset and try to take it to a negative place.

Don’t let the angry people ruin it for the rest of us😁

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