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Any news on if we’ll be getting Assault or new research this breeding event?
I assume we wont get any info on the champion rider until tomorrow


Please check the Gilas nerf post (especially the Gal tagged message) and help me fight for the rights of the sand pug!

(serious request, lol)

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:rofl: such a love for sand pug… :rofl:


Any update on this?

I know it says “several weeks away” but why is it going to take that long?

We have to wait to include it with other fixes in a larger future update. Just how the process works!


Oh trust, I have read that entire post - along with several members of the dev team.


I hope you understand ppl miss surprises like Fomhar, Necryx in the past. They were short lived cheap dragons. However, ppl loved them a lot. It is good for the game.

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Oohh you did😍
/fanboy Mode off

Sorry if I sounded rather grumpy at times. I do like dragons that give non-hunter players incentive to fly hunters, especially if it’s a dragon that’s available to basically everyone actively playing the game.

Any official or unofficial feedback from the devs or yourself towards the suggestions within that post?


I think Nines is taking a crack at the dev feedback directly. So I am more or less just watching to make sure things don’t get out of hand.


What about the glitch to Sepulla’s A2A spell? Any word on that?


Fomhar and Necryx were way before your time in PocketGems, Galileo.

They were like Hauheset at its peak time. All wars and some atlas fights were decided by how the major fliers skilled with them.

There was a fine balance back then, good fliers could compete with big spenders at the time and none of those parties would complain.

I suggest PG to look into that era of WD. Automated data is not the best option to decide how this game continues.


Out of hand, like… People going around and posting FREE SAND PUG in every post where it’s even remotely applicable?
I mean hey, even summer agrees to the same thing I do. That’s gotta count for something :smiley:
I don’t know how to understand the “taking a Crack at the dev feedback directly” part, but as long as somebody is looking into something, I’m not giving up hope yet.

Like hey, Gilas has so much potential

No word on the A2a.

:confounded: :disappointed: :unamused:
This is all @Taco’s fault


Glory event is scheduled to start today, yes? Albeit, the season ends on Wednesday so will it just end halfway through glory event? Or, will there be no event starting today?


Any word on costs to evolve Artisans to mythic? Would be great to know for tokens vs mystic frag use planning for the event.


You mean when the tier discount was not available and the only one at the top of the game were whales . Yeah I remember that time , people would complain a lot more for reasonable stuff like price hikes , costs and everything . I guess we remember stuff from different perspectives . Also the base meta back in the day had only started revolving around the dark flak.

Also the names of dragons you mention were dragons for hunter elitists , capable only in the hands of those who could fly them , Gilas in this case is much more user friendly which makes him way more popular, which is not bad tbh . Personally I always enjoy a good hunter and I am pretty sure Pg is not trying to kill the dragon , just keep it fun as it is but balanced to its legendary counterparts .


Any chance we can get any sort of an idea roughly how many arcanum eggs it’s going to take to fully level one artisan legendary to full mythic status for this breeding event? I know originally Galileo said that it was still being worked out but hoping you all have at least a rough idea even if it’s subject to change. Even if we could just get a “it shouldn’t be any more then x number of eggs” with a massive emphasis on ”shouldn’t” and a “subject to change” thrown in at the end for good measure. Lol
In all seriousness though I know a lot of us are stressing over whether or not we are hurting ourselves by using too many fragments.
Thanks in advance for any information you can give at this time and for always trying to get us all the info you can.