PGGalileo Office Hours (9/21-9/25)

Office Hours - when I’m specifically on the forums
11a-11:30am PST Mon/Weds (when available)
4pm-4:30pm PST Tues/Thurs (when available)

This thread will allow me to come in and focus on forum stuff.

You’re all welcome to join me in this thread and have fun, or ask serious questions!

Basically it will function as an AMA. I’ll do these whenever I can, but if someone schedules a meeting or something, I’ll have to take that.

I’m also still around outside of these times, but this is when I will focus on the forums instead of hopping in and out like I normally do.


Okay, I have many questions:

First, why do we have a cap on claims in the dungeon event now? Used to be unlimited claims (atleast uncap the gold chests)

Also, can we have updates on the following?:

-Team Gauntlet pvp HP
-Healing time/potions
-Mythic glyph in breeding
-The thunderbolt ‘buff’

There’s probably more to ask about, they just escape my mind right now :sweat_smile:


This isn’t really your area, but the new Atlas season rider could use some work. Do you know if anyone is looking into that or are we just going with it how it is?

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  • Looking into the claiming thing.
  • Please summarize what you are looking for re: Team Gauntlet PVP HP
  • Mythic Glyph - I submitted that as a suggestion, and it got assigned this morning for consideration, so that means we’re actively looking at it
  • The thunderbolt buff was apparently intentional; I’m tracking down the path of responsibility to find out more answers. What I’ve learned this morning is that Equestor was deemed underpowered, and they beefed up the spell so it would be more competitive.

Where did those discussions lead? You mentioned there being 2 solutions to pick between but then we never got an update as to what the verdict was.


Why wasn’t this announced if it was intentional?

Also, is the healing potion/time removal also being looked into?


I am glad they buffed up the lightning so that it was more powerful and effective on modern bases. I just wish that information was actually released to the players.


Oh, that’s right - sorry, we have other conversations going on internally and I was like “DID I REVEAL THAT?!”

I’m not sure, I’ll ask today!


I’m not secretly spying on your meetings :eyes:

It was not announced because our internal communication was not good. A lot was going on last week, and I suspect the decision to make the change “fell through the cracks,” much to my vocal dismay. I reiterated the importance of making sure those kinds of things don’t “fall through the cracks” because it affects a substantial portion of the playerbase.


The Team Gauntlet PVP hp discussion was again moved back as the lead designer of that had to deal with last week’s launches, and then is out of office for a few days. So no progress just yet. We are moving forward with the three suggestions from that thread.

Some feedback you may or may not have seen:

The new exclamation point above the event icon is cool. However, it seems to come up too often to the point of being useless. It should really only trigger if there is a new quest or if there are event rewards to claim.

Right now I don’t know if its triggering on unspent sigils or unopened chests, but most players strategically hold onto both until they are ready to use them, so it creates unnecessary noise.


Mmm, thanks, I don’t even know if I’ve noticed it! I’ll have to keep an eye on it to see what triggers it, too.

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So far it seems to be triggering for me when I have a free bronze chest to open. I honestly stopped paying attention to it.


Any news on the tower range bug? Are there any dates for when it will be fixed?


I’ve noticed it does it when my freebie chests are available

My question:

Are there any discussions happening about making the equestor branch more accessible for people that already spent 25k sigils on her originally to get her to obsidian?

I would be up for bulking her a few more tiers but it’s not worth 36k sigils to do and I don’t care about the other prizes in the line (including keys, I have those covered elsewhere).

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It triggers on more than that.

For example, I have finished the event right now so I have no individual or team prizes, and no quests to complete. If I claim my free quest, then restart the game I will see the exclamation pop up, even though I don’t currently have anything to claim. The only thing I could think that its triggering on is unspent sigils or unopened regular chests.


They seem to have made significant progress last Friday, but still no timeline on the fix.


As far as I’m aware there are no plans to change the branch now since so many people have already started and completed it.